Dedicated Desk


786 King St West

Dedicated Desk $450/month Sign Up

Hillcrest Village (784 St Clair West)

Dedicated Desk $450/mo Sign Up

Looking for your own desk in an open environment where you can be social but still focus? This plan gives you secure space at one of our locations with mail/parcel service, printing/scanning/copying and all of our regular amenities, plus be able to book Spaces for meetings or events whenever you'd like.

Our dedicated desk areas are spacious, bright and filled with amazing people to meet and possibly collaborate with, and every membership includes your desk and a comfy chair.

Included in this plan:

  • 24/7 Access to a single location
  • Your own desk which no one else uses
  • 8 hours of meeting Space credits per month
  • $25/hr Discounted rate to book Spaces for meetings
  • $30/day Club Membership at our other locations
  • An optional drawer unit to lock belongings up (additional $25/month)

More information: