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Membership offers amazing value for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs at affordable rates.

Choose where you want to work each day – with unlimited access to call booths, shared workspace including hot desks plus lounge areas.

Coworking members get complimentary cafe service, discounted meeting room & media production studio bookings + unlimited access to our on-demand wellness channel (with yoga, pilates and meditation classes.) You can always start with our open work environments and then upgrade to dedicated desk or furnished office space at any point – perfect for growing teams!

Simple, Straight-Forward Pricing

We provide a turn-key environment for you to do your best work, and our community loves belonging here – even for a day at a time.


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Charged per person, pre-billed on the 15th of each month.


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Charged per person, includes complimentary coffee, tea and sparkling/still water on tap! Great for remote workers dropping in and out of the neighbourhood 🙂

“Coworking Near Me?” Yes, We Are Right On King Street West

Our neighbourhood features some of Toronto’s best bars, restaurants, boutique hotels and shopping amongst century houses and modern condos. Getting here is easy – we are minutes away from the financial core and Union Station, close to the Exhibition GO station and just off Lakeshore Boulevard + the Gardiner Expressway.

Enjoy The Benefits of Coworking Membership

StartWell is unlike any other place in Toronto – combining a variety of spaces for creative freedom and amazing days at work.

Our campus features professional media production studios for film & photo alongside offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, call booths, lounges and even an espresso bar!

With boutique hotel amenities plus access to great working spaces, meet and produce content in, there’s a lot to enjoy!

Street level access

Street level access

Our buildings offer street level access with outdoor seating in warm months. We’re on the streetcar line and our neighbourhood has great restaurant + bar options so you can always take a stroll and enjoy a break from work – on and off campus.

Hot desk, dedicated desk and office coworking members at StartWell enjoy free coffee and tea with membership

Complimentary Cafe Beverages

Find refreshment in our reception cafe which features filtered still and sparkling water on tap, micro-roaster coffee and loose-leaf teas brewed on demand by a robot!

Space to Work

Space to Work

Choose where you want to work whenever you come to campus – we have multiple hot desk areas to choose from with natural light, comfortable seating and great WiFi. Plus, you can jump into a call booth when privacy is needed and relax in our lounges.

StartWell coworking members enjoy a private-access on-demand yoga channel plus in person yoga classes

Wellness Classes

Access our growing catalog of on-demand wellness classes from anywhere in the world through our members-only video on demand service – its like a custom Netflix but with yoga, pilates and meditation videos (all filmed on campus!).

Discounted Meeting Rooms

Discounted Meeting Rooms

Members automatically get discounts on meeting room bookings through our web portal and mobile apps.

StartWell has studios for film and photography as well as livestreams and podcasts.

Discounted Studio Rental

Book our professional media production studio and instantly save by being a member.

Programming & Networking Events

Programming & Networking Events

Exclusive invitations to in-person and virtual events – covering all sorts of topics from design thinking to entrepreneurship to media production and more.

Meeting spaces can be booked directly from our mobile apps on demand

Apps For Everything

Swipe in from your phone to access campus anytime, make bookings for meeting rooms or studio space on the fly and more – from our web portal or mobile apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find more information in the Terms of Service upon registering as a member or signing up to use our guest WiFi on campus but here are the top level rules that help us maintain a safe and clean space for members and guests.

While at StartWell, you must:

  • Be respectful
  • Try to be helpful
  • Keep our campus as you found it – clean up after yourself
  • Leave garbage and recycling in bins provided
  • Not do anything illegal
  • Not bring any animals with you or let them into the buildings (sorry – we love pets but don’t allow them due to allergies and cleanliness)
  • Leave dishes which you can’t wash in the grey bins provided at wet areas (reception and next to sinks in large meeting venues)
  • Never use our espresso machine or computer equipment without approvals – that includes not going behind the concierge/cafe desk

Sure thing, but we ask that you get any guest of yours to buy a day pass if you haven’t booked a meeting room to bring your friends/colleagues together.

Also – make sure to ask your guests to check in using our iPad at the concierge desk so you can get notified via email of their arrival and our team can plan to accomodate and direct them as needed.

Of course, its perfectly fine to have someone drop in to say hello and meet you at reception for a quick moment if they aren’t taking a meeting you or working with you on campus:)

Yes, often people think of ‘dedicated desks‘ and private offices as upgrades – where you’d start with a flexible coworking membership to use call booths, lounge space, hot desks and common amenities to start and once you’re familiar with our coworking space or understand the requirements of a new job, for example, you’d commit to something more regular where you can leave things behind and return to the same spot to work every day.

Not everyone would want to ‘upgrade’ and that’s ok – we think that our coworking membership is a great thing to have whether you need a workspace every day or just once in a while. In fact, we have some member companies with 10+ coworking memberships which they use to just get everyone to our campus for a day a week – for them the upgrade is simply booking a large meeting space whenever they need it.

Unlike ‘hot desks,’ dedicated desks are workstations which a single person is allowed to use on a regular basis. At StartWell our dedicated desks are rented for $500/month and include a desk, ergonomic chair plus the option of a drawer unit. Dedicated Desks are a cost effective way to have a place to work from where you get to meet new people but can focus and feel comfortable leaving your peripherals and possessions behind – like a monitor and framed photo of your last vacation to Tahiti, in 2019 before the Pandemic 🙂

Simply put, coworking is when people share workspace. Back in the late 1990s/early 2000s the phrase ‘coworking’ got popular to describe what was typically an office shared between multiple individuals or a few companies at once, where a typically open-concept room with desks in it may be accessorized with a time-shared meeting room, kitchen etc…

It didn’t take long for people to start businesses that enabled communities to develop around shared workspace – all over the world, from San Francisco to NYC to Toronto and across Europe, Africa and Asia. The first wave of commercial coworking was fairly humble and since has grown into venture-capital backed real estate plays often corrupting the values early coworking operators stood for (Collaboration, Openness, Sustainability, Accessibility and Community.)

We at StartWell believe that a new wave of Coworking – something we’re calling ‘Coworking 2.0‘ will become more relevant in the 2020s – where Innovation, Creativity and Comfort get added to the list of values sought from coworking spaces. In fact, in 2021 we opened new media production studios and launched a publication called Coworking 2.0 to explore these concepts and share knowledge.

Even if you *love* your home, it might not give you the right configuration of spaces to get variety through the day – in terms of places to sit or stand whilst working.

Additionally, you likely don’t have people coming and going through your house all day long – so it can get lonely to work from home.

Coworking vs working from home?

Coworking gives you the opportunity for new interactions every day you go to work – at StartWell you’ll always have the option to focus on your own work or interact with others; we even offer a complimentary cafe where chatting is encouraged and new friendships often get formed. Plus, our campus uniquely offers on-demand and in-person yoga classes; so with a coworking membership you actually improve your work from home experience also.

Of course, with a coworking membership you don’t need to choose Coworking vs Working From Home, you’ll always have the option to leave the house when you need it. An added bonus – choosing a coworking space close to home so you cut down on commute times + give yourself an opportunity to take a walk to stretch and exercise along the way.

Hot desks are simply desks which anybody can use – they aren’t dedicated to a single member of a coworking space. For example, we have pods of hot desks at StartWell which are laid out in clusters for our coworking members to drop into, positioned near common amenities like our complimentary cafe and call booths – so that its easy to find a space to setup your laptop and get to work when you need to.

Often in coworking the term ‘hot desk’ is used synonymously with ‘common workspace.’ At StartWell you’ll not only find spacious desks you can use flexibly but also common work tables and lounge spaces. In fact, our call booths are configured about 4 times larger than the industry standard to enable collaboration – you can enjoy space to yourself on a call where you need to lay out your notebook, laptop, tablet etc… or share them with others on your team for ad hoc meetings that don’t require a booked board room.

When people discover coworking they often ask – “Do you know a coworking space near me?” Working near your home is a great idea and we’re happy to see so many folks from the King West neighbourhood in Toronto enjoy the short stroll from their home to StartWell each day.

Working close to home gives you the freedom to work when you want to – it becomes easier to pop over to the office to get something done and then leave when you’re finished, enabling mental separation between work and home life, without robbing you of hours in the car on the highway commuting every day.


Our monthly membership plan is only $350 per person per month. This is great value – you get unlimited access to our common spaces plus a ton of benefits available only to members.

Of course, because the business expense of a membership can be deducted from income when filing your taxes a coworking membership is essentially free (i.e. you’d otherwise be paying that money to the tax man!)

Discounted Meeting Spaces On Demand

StartWell Coworking rents meeting rooms by the hour and day for small or large groups with conferencing and stationary included

Book a lounge for intimate catch up sessions or a larger collaborative space for multi-day staff offsites. We’ve got options for small or large meetings – you can check availability + book online with a credit card instantly.

Conveniently located with retail/street entrances, our King Street West campus is easy to get to and once here, you’ll have everything you need – from stationary, whiteboards, printing services, turn-key videoconferencing and killer WiFi to complimentary beverages from our on-site espresso bar.

Coworking space members as well as private office members automatically get discounts on our private lounges, board rooms and larger meeting venues.

Furnished Offices at StartWell

StartWell Coworking has furnished and serviced offices for rent on monthly terms - for small or large teams

When the timing is right, you can add a private office to your membership, or mix private offices with coworking space access for an affordable solution that supports your remote team culture.

Our furnished offices are affordable, comfortable and come pre-loaded with everything you need! Choose a mix of private rooms or full floors with layouts for flexible work – furnished offices include ergonomic furnishings, heating/cooling, WiFi/ethernet, cleaning plus tropical plants and branding options.