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Dedicated Desk

When a workstation at a coworking space is allocated to a single user – normally rented on a monthly basis so that personal belongings and computers can be left behind overnight.

Dedicated desks are great for:

  1. Solopreneurs & remote workers – if you work alone but like being part of a community, then joining a coworking space like StartWell with a dedicated desk will give you your own workstation no one else uses plus access to shared amenities in the building (like meeting rooms and lounges) and a way to meet new people!
  2. Fast growing teams – companies who are adding new team members quickly can rapidly scale their office space by simply growing their number of workstations with their headcount at a per-person monthly charge which is easy to budget for.
  3. Social teams – for groups of coworkers who may like being around others, clusters of desks in an open environment can give a team familiarity whilst making them still feel part of a community.