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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Furnished Office Space

Our furnished offices are affordable, comfortable and come pre-loaded with everything you need! More info »

Do you offer flexible lease terms for offices?

Our aim is to make you and your team comfortable so that they can more easily do their life's work, which requires us being flexible.

What is the largest office size at StartWell?

All in all, StartWell comprises 20,000 square feet - which makes for a lot of space when its added up.

What is the smallest office size at StartWell?

We have a limited number of single person private office suites on campus. These can accomodate 2 people sitting side by side.

If I rent an office – will it only be used by me?

Yes - our offices are exclusively rented - so no one else will have access to your suit during your rental term, except StartWell staff .

What services are included with furnished offices?

Having an office at StartWell is a bit like staying at a boutique hotel - but instead of a bedroom you rent an office 🙂

How do I upgrade my office?

We are very flexible with private office members - many of whom have been fast growing startups, so we're used to helping your team scale.

How are offices furnished at StartWell?

All offices at StartWell come equipped with chairs, desks, overhead lighting and optional drawer units as needed.


Coworking Membership offers amazing value for creators, innovators and entrepreneurs at affordable rates. More info »

What are the house rules on campus?

Some top-level rules that help us maintain a safe and clean space for members and guests on campus at StartWell...

Can members invite friends and colleagues to work with them?

We ask that you get any guest of yours to buy a day pass if you haven't booked a meeting room to bring your friends/colleagues together.

Can my coworking membership be upgraded?

Yes, often people think of 'dedicated desks' and private offices as upgrades - where you'd start with a flexible coworking membership.

What is a dedicated desk?

Unlike 'hot desks,' dedicated desks are workstations which a single person is allowed to use on a regular basis.

What is coworking?

Simply put, coworking is when people share workspace with value for Collaboration, Openness, Sustainability, Accessibility and Community.

Coworking vs Working From Home

Why restrict yourself to only working from home? With a coworking membership you get to choose where to work each day - options = freedom.

What is a hot desk?

Hot desks are simply desks which anybody can use - they aren't dedicated to a single member of a coworking space.

Coworking space near me – why working close to home is important

You most likely already love the neighborhood you live in - why not continue to enjoy that experience every day at work?

How much does coworking cost?

Our monthly membership plan costs only $350 per person per month w/unlimited access to our common spaces + a ton of member benefits.

Meeting Space

StartWell offers state of the art board rooms and meeting facilities at a single location with affordable pricing. More info »

Do you have large conference rooms?

StartWell can provide you with board rooms or larger conference venues that can seat up to 60 guests at tables.

How does videoconferencing work when I book meeting space?

Our board rooms and larger spaces come with tools for easily setting up video conference calls with people outside the room you've booked.

Does StartWell offer boardroom rental?

Yes, we have multiple board rooms on campus to rent by the hour or day - configured for instant meetings and working sessions. 

How much does a conference room cost?

We have a few large venue options on campus that offer amazing value; with rates from just $2,500/day - including turn-key services/amenities

Media Production Studios

StartWell’s downtown Toronto campus on King Street West features professional studios to produce podcasts, photo and film shoots. More info »

Do members get discounts on Studio space?

Yes, whether you are a coworking member or have offices at StartWell you'll automatically save when bookng our studio spaces.

Is there a film studio at StartWell?

Yes, StartWell Studios is a professional white cyclorama with 16 foot ceilings and load bearing truss in-ceiling for custom rigging jobs.

Does StartWell have a podcast studio?

Yes! With professional acoustics and tons of great equipment, making it a turn-key media production solution for audio+video podcasts.

Does StartWell have a photography studio?

Yes, StartWell Studios at 230 Niagara Street is perfect for shooting photography campaigns and has a massive white cyclorama.

General Information

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here please contact us!

Does StartWell Have Mobile Apps?

Yes, download 'StartWell Community' on iOS or Android to get instant access to booking meeting, lounge and studio spaces + more.

Bank Transfer Instructions

Here are all the details your bank will need to transfer money to StartWell for invoiced services.