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Does StartWell have a podcast studio?

Absolutely, our podcast studio, located in our main coworking building at 786 King St W, is an amazing place to record conversations with professional acoustics and tons of great equipment, making it a turn-key media production solution for audio-only and audio-video podcasts.

Podcast studio availability may be arranged upon request and is typically reserved for professional use – contact us for a tour or to discuss bookings!

The studio is fitted with:

  1. 3 high end Canon DSLR cameras and pro grade lenses
  2. A Blackmagic ATEM Extreme Pro ISO switcher for live broadcasts & camera angle switching
  3. 3 Behringer vocal microphones on table-top stands
  4. 1 Blue Yeti Pro microphone (on a boom)
  5. A wall mounted 1080 reference screen
  6. 2 B&W audio monitors (speakers)
  7. A Yamaha mixer with analog and USB output/input

Here’s an example episode filmed in this studio for our flagship podcast: