How can I post a google review without a google account?

First off – we’re really thankful that you want to share your experience here at StartWell through a review of our campus on Google 🙂

You don’t actually need a google or gmail account to submit a review of a listed place on Google maps etc… Here’s what we recommend doing:

1. Visit us on google maps here

2. Click on the Reviews count

3. Click on the ‘Write a review’ button

4. Click on ‘Create account’ and choose what you’ll be using it for (i.e. personal use or business use) and then choose ‘Use my current email address instead’ – then you’ll see a field to type in your regular email address.

Use your existing email address to submit a google review

5. Now you’ll be able to click the ‘Next’ button and continue submitting a review (and you’ll be able to submit google reviews of other places with your existing email address as well!)

Use your current email to submit a google reviewEasily submit a google review without a google account