What is a hot desk?

Hot desks are simply desks which anybody can use – they aren’t dedicated to a single member of a coworking space. For example, we have pods of hot desks at StartWell which are laid out in clusters for our coworking members to drop into, positioned near common amenities like our complimentary cafe and call booths – so that its easy to find a space to setup your laptop and get to work when you need to.

Often in coworking the term ‘hot desk’ is used synonymously with ‘common workspace.’ At StartWell you’ll not only find spacious desks you can use flexibly but also common work tables and lounge spaces. In fact, our call booths are configured about 4 times larger than the industry standard to enable collaboration – you can enjoy space to yourself on a call where you need to lay out your notebook, laptop, tablet etc… or share them with others on your team for ad hoc meetings that don’t require a booked board room.