The StartWell Coworking Glossary

When you first discover it, coworking can sound confusing! But, it doesn’t have to be.

To demystify the jargon we always use, StartWell put together a list of commonly used coworking phrases – we hope this helps make sense of the best way to start enjoying going to work.

If something is missing from this list let us know – we’d love to keep growing it!


Board Room

There will always be a need for bringing people together around a table but the purpose with which you’re gather may change per meeting. StartWell offers turn-key rooms you can book by the hour, day or longer which come furnished with everything you need for successful meetings.

Our board rooms can accommodate groups of 6 to 30 around a single table – with turn-key video conferencing tools plus in-room presentation materials (including white boards, flip charts, printing and more.)

All boardroom bookings come with complimentary beverages from our on-site cafe – so your guests will enjoy coffee, tea and filtered water without the need to arrange catering or leave StartWell to run to a cafe.



The experience of sharing space, services and amenities – something which not only enables happier work days but new types of creativity and means of collaboration whilst on campus as members of StartWell. In addition to our resident member population, our community includes occasional users of our bookable spaces (including board rooms, lounges, meeting venues and media studios) as well as their guests. Together, members and guests tend to share networks that enable personal and career opportunities which people may not experience without coworking at StartWell.

Community Manager

The role StartWell staff take on through enabling our member community to be able to make use of our space and services. Typically at StartWell you’ll find a Community Manager at the front desk – available to help make use of our complimentary cafe, book meeting space and studios, receive guests and so much more.

Conference Room

Larger than our board rooms, StartWell’s spaces for conferencing enable large groups to gather, connect with others digitally and have enough space to spread out for working sessions and email breaks.

Our campus offers 3 large venues (Penthouse Suite 4B, Offsite Venue & StartWelll Studios) which can accommodate groups larger than 20 people for working sessions, meetings and events that require presentation technology, break out rooms and privacy.


When people share a workspace – collectively benefitting from being together at work whilst saving money (by not individually having to rent spaces that offer common value – like kitchen areas or meeting rooms etc…)

Coworking Membership

A subscription service that gives you 24/7 access to coworking space and campus services/amenities (like complimentary cafe drinks, mail reception service, discounts on meeting space etc…) for a low monthly fee – charged per person/member.

Coworking Space

A building or area of space dedicated to being shared amongst people who may or may not work for the same company. Now, this might be confusing – often this phrase is used to refer to whole buildings or campuses like StartWell which may house coworking space in addition to other types of space – like private offices.


Dedicated Desk

When a workstation at a coworking space is allocated to a single user – normally rented on a monthly basis so that personal belongings and computers can be left behind overnight.

Dedicated desks are great for:

  1. Solopreneurs & remote workers – if you work alone but like being part of a community, then joining a coworking space like StartWell with a dedicated desk will give you your own workstation no one else uses plus access to shared amenities in the building (like meeting rooms and lounges) and a way to meet new people!
  2. Fast growing teams – companies who are adding new team members quickly can rapidly scale their office space by simply growing their number of workstations with their headcount at a per-person monthly charge which is easy to budget for.
  3. Social teams – for groups of coworkers who may like being around others, clusters of desks in an open environment can give a team familiarity whilst making them still feel part of a community.

Flexible Office

The ability for a workspace to enable agility. StartWell was founded in 2017 to enable flexible ways of working and offers great options for companies to offer their employees new ways to get together or work independently. 

For example, a company may keep a private office with 5 workstations for folks who live in the area that want to work at the same work stations every day, whilst also paying for 10 coworking memberships that their other staff can use when they need to come to campus for working days with the rest of the team or to focus at hot desks when needed. The full team can share monthly credits and unified billing when booking board rooms, lounges or larger offsite meeting and event venues on campus – all through StartWell’s mobile apps.

No matter how many folks are on your team regularly or once in a while, StartWell enables you to offer them all a single place to meet and work that is affordable and turn-key.

Furnished & Serviced Office

Private offices at StartWell are all furnished and come with regular cleaning service as well as our standard member benefits – like complimentary cafe drinks (sparkling & still filtered water, self service loose-leaf tea and freshly brewed coffee), high speed Internet access via WiFi , discounted meeting room and studio bookings, scanning/copying/printing and more.

Though private offices are typically furnished with workstations we can replace desks with soft furnishings like couches and armchairs and suggest options for artwork and plants.


Hot Desk

Coworking members at StartWell get access to workstations throughout campus where you can drop in to work on a first-come-first-served basis; see a desk in the hot desk area where you’d like to work for the day? Easy – open your laptop there and settle in. High speed internet access is available via WiFi plus ergonomic seats and power connections at all StartWell hot desk areas.


Meeting Space

Meetings don’t always require people sitting around a table – StartWell offers a wealth of spaces on campus to bring people together for different purposes, in different ways.  

StartWell’s meeting spaces include board rooms as well as lounge spaces and larger venues which are perfect for team offsites and collaboration – for in-room participants as well as ‘virtual attendees’ who might be connecting over a video call.

Our meeting spaces come fully equipped – with stationary, whiteboards, printing services, turn-key videoconferencing and high speed WiFi plus complimentary beverages from our on-site espresso bar. We can even introduce you to catering partners for food & beverage service should you need it.

Though coworking and private office members get discounts on booking meeting space at StartWell, anyone can book meeting space by the hour, day or longer on our website and through the StartWell mobile apps on iOS and Android.


Open Workspace

An open concept office space that may be shared with other people and companies. At StartWell we have open workspaces that house dedicated and hot desks – these are areas of focus that give people access to each other whilst enabling them to also focus on their work individually.


Private Office

A physical office on campus which will exclusively be allocated to a specific company. 

StartWell member companies may rent one or multiple offices clustered on a single floor or spread throughout campus; giving their team workspace variety or specific offices per working teams etc…

*Our private offices are priced by the number of workstations they can accommodate – for example, a ‘5 person office’ would be furnished to enable 5 people to simultaneously work with each seated at their own desk.


Remote Worker

Someone who doesn’t need to be in a specific location to perform their work – typically you need a great Internet connection and ability to focus as a starting point.

A lot of remote workers in Toronto love coworking membership at StartWell – giving them the flexibility to work when they want with 24hr access to our common workspaces plus a variety of hot desks and other open workspaces on campus.



A physical area designated to focused work – which could be a private office or bank of hot desks.


The basic furniture that gives you a place to do your work (at a computer typically.) At StartWell this includes a desk, comfortable chair and optional drawer unit to store stationery, personal belongings etc…

*Our private offices are priced by the number of workstations they can accommodate – for example, a ‘5 person office’ would be furnished to enable 5 people to simultaneously work with each seated at their own desk.