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Explore news and perspectives from StartWell’s downtown Toronto campus through short films, podcast episodes and feature articles.



Startups & Business »

Uncovering the entrepreneurial journey of Canadian innovators and the business they work with.

Camille Moore from Third Eye Insights on the StartWell Podcast

Camille Moore on the importance of storytelling for professional brands

A fun and far reaching discussion about the role of branding and how Camille got started as an entrepreneur.
Syzl founders Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji on the StartWell Podcast

Introducing Syzl – A startup that makes professional kitchen bookings easy

In this session, we join co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrien Savin in our studio to hear about their new marketplace venture connecting foodies with kitchens.
StartWell member company Carbon6 on how their are building a platform for the Amazon Seller Community [video]

Carbon6 is Building a SaaS Platform for Amazon Sellers

This innovative StartWell member company has come out of stealth mode and is rapidly scaling its team and software solutions. Check out the podcast for more!
techTO is bringing the startup community to StartWell coworking monthly

TechTO Community Leaders Discuss Their Insiders Program

On the 40th episode, hear from Toronto's premier startup community's leadership on why coworking is important and how Insiders get access to StartWell.
Media Producers & Productions »

Exploring expressions of creativity through conversations and works.

A SOCAN Hackathon Hosted at StartWell’s Offsite Venue on April 9th and 10th, 2022

Cue-Sheet-Palooza: A SOCAN Hackathon At StartWell’s Offsite Venue

This event explored ways music creators and stakeholders can get better paid for their screen-based performance rights royalties. Check out this new post!
Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Eric Bizzarri introduces the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this video to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
Behind The Scenes at StartWell Studios, Episode 1 (Talentosa Productions)

Jorge Posada on photographic conceptual works with Phase One & Hasselblad cameras

Jorge Posada takes a deep dive into a recent project called 'Main & 3rd' that seeks to help preserve the cultural heritage of a building in downtown Vancouver.
Fan Ink at StartWell Studios

Fan Ink’s CMYK shoot at StartWell Studios

The goal of this shoot was to use the most vibrant and youthful hues from Fan Ink’s CMYK colours representing new headwear & accessories. Check it out now.
Audio-Only Podcasts »

Our flagship broadcast, the StartWell Podcast, is recorded on campus in studio and presents diverse perspectives from local entrepreneurs. All episodes »

Camille Moore from Third Eye Insights on the StartWell Podcast

Camille Moore – Third Eye Insights [Ep.44]

Camille Moore relates her founder story and shares perspective on her firm's approach to enabling professional services through branding.
Syzl co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrian Savin on the StartWell Podcast

Syzl co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrian Savin (Ep. 43)

This husband and wife team have brought their combined experiences working in digital marketing and shared spaces to help food professionals. Tune in now!
Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase at StartWell

Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this podcast to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
StartWell member company Carbon6 on how their are building a platform for the Amazon Seller Community [video]

Carbon6 Introduce Their Solutions for Amazon Sellers [Ep.41]

Check out episode 41 of the StartWell Podcast. For this episode, we sit down with Carbon6's co founders and hear their story/approach to selling online.
An Office For All »

Meet thought leaders from around the world in conversation about the topics transforming office work today and tomorrow.

In each episode we’ll welcome guests to StartWell’s broadcast studio on King Street in Toronto to hear their thoughts on how commercial real estate is evolving with coworking and ‘flex offices,’ and what the implications are for office workers and the people whose business it is to build and rent offices.

An Office For All - Episode 2 with Antony Slumbers

Introducing Antony Slumbers – Episode 2

Antony Slumbers believes the next generation of leaders in CRE will come from diverse backgrounds w/new ideas & business models. Check out the episode for more!
An Office For All - Episode 1 Outtake - "WeWork"

Episode 1 Outtake – “WeWork”

On this episode, host Qasim Virjee laughs at how silly Adam Neumann's motivations were for scaling WeWork beyond any hope for sustainability. Tune in now!
An Office For All - Episode 1 - Outtake "Hair Salon"

Episode 1 Outtake – “Hair Salon”

Tune in to this outtake from episode one and see why CRE expert Dave Cairns likens commercial real estate brokerages to hair salons?! Available to watch now!
StartWell Presents: "An Office For All" Episode 1 - Flex office / coworking show

Setting The Scene – Episode 1

Introducing a new video interview series featuring our CEO and Dave Cairns, an SVP at CBRE - covering all things coworking and flex office. Available now!
Coworking Space Design Guide »

Anyone responsible for other people can develop community – one of the most important aspects an office that enables coworkers to flourish personally and professionally. Enabling community however can be an involved process – this section of our magazine shares tips and tricks from our experience to help you foster community in your own workplace.

StartWell furnished office members, coworking space members and guests enjoy reverse osmosis filtered and still water

Building the best watering hole: encouraging serendipity, focus and health through reverse osmosis

We set out to give our members and guests the best hydration experience we could - making access to it uniquely intimate yet shareable. Read to find out how!
An espresso being prepared at StartWell's coworking cafe in downtown Toronto

Awakened experiences: delighting people through bespoke cafe service

We love giving guests on campus a fun atmosphere to enjoy when they arrive and the option of taking away joy when they leave campus. Read to see how we do it!
Open bar/kitchen at StartWell coworking in Toronto

Modular kitchens for daytime eating: the appliances and utility of offering cold storage, quick heating and easy washing up

Read this post to learn how to keep it simple at your workplace. Not every food prep space needs bells & whistles, just a means of heating and cooling food.
A bright and spacious 12 person furnished office at StartWell in Toronto

Affordable does not mean cheap: how brands like IKEA enable agility and modular design

Read now to find out about desks. Consider an example situation where you need a lot of desks fast to setup a new workplace; do you have time to waste money?
News & Events »

Catch up on the latest news and happenings on campus at StartWell.

StartWell Coworking's Summer Patio on King Street West in Toronto - A great outdoor space for guests in meetings and coworking members.

StartWell’s New King Street Patio is Open

With warmer weather upon us in Toronto it's a pleasure to unveil our new outdoor patio in front of our King Street buildings. Perfect for relaxing on campus.
TechTO Summer Social May 11 2022 - Media by StartWell

TechTO Summer Social May 2022 [Event Recap]

Join us and look at TechTO’s first outdoor event of the summer in Toronto bringing together technologists, entrepreneurs, investors + more. Check out the video!
TechTO Announces Coworking Days at StartWell in Toronto for Startups

TechTO X StartWell Coworking Days

This short film relates perspectives from the TechTO team on why coworking is essential to this organization and its community. Watch now to learn more!
Prelit Cyc at StartWell Studios in Toronto

Our CYC Studio Now Comes Pre-Lit

StartWell Studios now features fanless/silent ULC150 units from Godox with Aputure Space Light modifiers for even lighting on the whole cyc and cove. Read more!

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