StartWell Magazine / An Office For All

Meet thought leaders from around the world in conversation about the topics transforming office work today and tomorrow.

In each episode we’ll welcome guests to StartWell’s broadcast studio on King Street in Toronto to hear their thoughts on how commercial real estate is evolving with coworking and ‘flex offices,’ and what the implications are for office workers and the people whose business it is to build and rent offices.

An Office For All - Episode 2 with Antony Slumbers

Introducing Antony Slumbers – Episode 2

Antony Slumbers believes the next generation of leaders in CRE will come from diverse backgrounds w/new ideas & business models. Check out the episode for more!
An Office For All - Episode 1 Outtake - "WeWork"

Episode 1 Outtake – “WeWork”

On this episode, host Qasim Virjee laughs at how silly Adam Neumann's motivations were for scaling WeWork beyond any hope for sustainability. Tune in now!
An Office For All - Episode 1 - Outtake "Hair Salon"

Episode 1 Outtake – “Hair Salon”

Tune in to this outtake from episode one and see why CRE expert Dave Cairns likens commercial real estate brokerages to hair salons?! Available to watch now!
StartWell Presents: "An Office For All" Episode 1 - Flex office / coworking show

Setting The Scene – Episode 1

Introducing a new video interview series featuring our CEO and Dave Cairns, an SVP at CBRE - covering all things coworking and flex office. Available now!

About the Host / Qasim Virjee

Qasim Virjee on the StartWell Series An Office For All

As the Founder, owner and CEO of StartWell, Toronto’s independent innovation campus, Qasim has worked with hundreds of companies to facilitate flex office / coworking solutions – ultimately aiding to their ability to scale and overall sense of wellbeing.

Before founding StartWell, he led IBM’s efforts across Canada to support tech startups, made angel investments in early stage ventures and built numerous companies working globally – including record labels, interactive design agencies, SVOD channels and more. In the 1990s Qasim was the first independent educator and reseller to introduce Internet access to Kenya.


CRE Expert: Broker Perspective / Dave Cairns, SVP – CBRE

CBRE's Dave Cairns on the StartWell Series'An Office for All'

As a former professional online poker player, Dave brings a wealth of strategic thinking to his practice as a commercial real estate broker and Senior Vice President at CBRE – the world’s largest commercial real estate services and investment firm.

Dave is known within the commercial broker community as one of the leading proponents of a shift towards flex office and coworking – helping to transform corporate perceptions of what infrastructure and services define their need for office space.