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Introducing Antony Slumbers – Episode 2

April 26, 2022

For this, the second episode of StartWell’s commercial real estate interview series we get introduced to Antony Slumbers by our friend, and one of Antony’s students, commercial broker Dave Cairns from CBRE.

Antony is a UK based educator, author and speaker who focuses on proptech, space as a service and artificial intelligence’s use cases and implications for real estate. As a technologist who has built and sold proptech companies before going on to found the Real Innovation Academy, Antony brings a wealth of first hand experience to educating the next generation of real estate professionals.

Though this episode is short, we touch on a few salient things – including: Antony’s career history, the need for real estate to become more relevant to workers and his expectation that the next generation of leaders in commercial real estate will come from diverse backgrounds that bring new ideas and business models to the industry.