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Canon Road Trip 2022 Studio Experience at StartWell [Event Recap]

Canon Road Trip 2022 Studio Experience at StartWell [Event Recap]

100s of Professionals and hobbyist photographers came to StartWell for a 2-day hands-on studio session with the EOS R lineup.
2022 Cashmere Collection - Shot by Justin Wu at StartWell Studios

2022 Cashmere Collection – Shot by Justin Wu at StartWell Studios

The Cashmere Collection heralds the annual return of Cashmere’s awareness and fundraising activities for breast cancer.
Lovebomb pop up at StartWell Studios in downtown Toronto

Love Bomb – An Art-Fashion-Music Popup at StartWell Studios [recap]

We sit down with collaborators Cat Choo and Ian Kelso to hear how their launch event at our Studio went + what's coming up next.
A SOCAN Hackathon Hosted at StartWell’s Offsite Venue on April 9th and 10th, 2022

Cue-Sheet-Palooza: A SOCAN Hackathon At StartWell’s Offsite Venue

This event explored ways music creators and stakeholders can get better paid for their screen-based performance rights royalties. Check out this new post!
Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Eric Bizzarri introduces the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this video to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
Behind The Scenes at StartWell Studios, Episode 1 (Talentosa Productions)

Jorge Posada on photographic conceptual works with Phase One & Hasselblad cameras

Jorge Posada takes a deep dive into a recent project called 'Main & 3rd' that seeks to help preserve the cultural heritage of a building in downtown Vancouver.
Fan Ink at StartWell Studios

Fan Ink’s CMYK shoot at StartWell Studios

The goal of this shoot was to use the most vibrant and youthful hues from Fan Ink’s CMYK colours representing new headwear & accessories. Check it out now.
Ryan Bolton at StartWell

Ryan Bolton (Photographer)

Meet Ryan Bolton. Journalism originally led Ryan to photography as a career - we discuss the backstory plus tips and tricks for improving as a career creator.
BTS with Voiceflow's founding team - StartWell shot their headshots announcing a $20M Series A

Behind the Scenes: Headshots for Voiceflow’s $20M Series A Raise

This summer the founding team Voiceflow, a Toronto based tech startup, came to StartWell Studios for headshots that would express their joy. Check it out!
Simu Liu Shot by Justin Wu at StartWell

Nobis Announces Simu Liu As Global Ambassador With Campaign Shot At StartWell

Announcing a new Global Ambassadorship, Canadian actor and Marvel Hero Simu Liu was captured at StartWell Studios by Justin Wu. Available on our website now!
Adam Weitner on the StartWell Podcast

Adam Weitner from Astrolab Studios

In this video we meet Adam, the founder of one of Toronto's best boutique sound-stages who is also a professional photographer and DJ. Check it out now!
"New materiality Things that don't exist" by Geoff Snack

“New materiality Things that don’t exist” by Geoff Snack

The first of 5 talks delivered on stage at StartWell's Event Space on November 28, 2019 for a globally roaming annual series called Dark Futures. Out now!