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Uncovering the entrepreneurial journey of Canadian innovators and the corporations they build and partner with.

Stefany Nieto from Gwella at StartWell

This Toronto based company makes a legal gummy for microdosing mushrooms

We sat down in studio with Stefany Nieto, Gwella's COO and one of its founders for this, the 50th episode of our StartWell Podcast.
Chef Jagger Gordon on Food Security - on the StartWell Podcast

Chef Jagger Gordon on how to reduce food insecurity and waste

Hear about his philanthropic endeavours to battle food insecurity and reduce food waste + a recent trip to Ukraine to feed soldiers.
Faces by Pureness, make up artist, in the StartWell Podcast Studio

The entrepreneurial journey of a Toronto based makeup & hair artist

Elizabeth Taylor aka Pureness joins us for the StartWell Podcast to give our audience an artist's perspective of entrepreneurship.
NFTs & The End of Style Gate-Keepers with Michael Casey (Coindesk)

NFTs & The End of Style Gate-Keepers with Michael Casey (Coindesk)

In this, Michael pontificates on how the arts/culture industry is changing with the evolution of asset ownership structures via NFTs.
Launching A Product Based Company with Katherine Homuth (Sheertex)

Launching A Product Based Company with Katherine Homuth (Sheertex)

Lessons and anecdotes from founding a company around new technology to change a product category forever (Scaletech 2022 Conference)
Tui Allen at Scaletech 2022 - held at StartWell Studios

Ideation Stage Considerations for Startups with Tui Allen (Shopify)

Recommended considerations for startup founders - informed through Tui's experience launching Shopify Balance (Scaletech 2022 Conference)
Purposeful Intent CRE Conference at StartWell Studios Toronto

Purposeful Intent Toronto – 10/5/2022 at StartWell Studios [Event Recap]

We hosted Purposeful Intent at StartWell Studios for a day merging keynotes, workshops and social engagement around the future of work.
Simon Davis from Purposeful Intent on the StartWell Podcast

Simon Davis from Purposeful Intent on why he produces events for CRE

Learn about his impetus for founding the series, experiences hosting it through 2022 across North America and expectations for the year ahead.
William Lam from Jeeves, Filip Stoj from Silicon Valley Bank and Qasim Virjee from StartWell on stage for Startup Grind Toronto on 09/15/22

Demystifying Debt – with SVB & Jeeves at Startup Grind Toronto [Video] [09/15/22]

A conversation between StartWell, Silicon Valley Bank and Jeeves for Startup Grind Toronto at StartWell Studios on 09/15/22
Rob Domagala from Returnbear on the StartWell Podcast

Robert Domagala on why eRetailers need product return solutions

For this episode of the StartWell podcast we sit down with the Head Of Business Development & Marketing at Canadian startup ReturnBear.
Camille Moore from Third Eye Insights on the StartWell Podcast

Camille Moore on the importance of storytelling for professional brands

A fun and far reaching discussion about the role of branding and how Camille got started as an entrepreneur.
Syzl founders Adrian Savin and Azrah Manji on the StartWell Podcast

Introducing Syzl – A startup that makes professional kitchen bookings easy

In this session, we join co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrien Savin in our studio to hear about their new marketplace venture connecting foodies with kitchens.