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Adam Weitner on the StartWell Podcast

Adam Weitner from Astrolab Studios

In this video we meet Adam, the founder of one of Toronto's best boutique sound-stages who is also a professional photographer and DJ. Check it out now!
Len Senater on the StartWell Podcast

Len Senater from The Depanneur

Celebrating 10 years in business, Len joins us to recount the foundation story of The Depanneur, an experimental culinary social enterprise. A must-listen!
Ascari founders on the StartWell Podcast

Erik Joyal & John Sinopoli on the StartWell Podcast

Tune in to this new episode where we join Ascari Hospitality Group's founders for a conversation in our studio recorded for the StartWell Podcast. Out now!
Neil Martin from Project Spaces at StartWell in Studio A

Neil Martin (Co-Founder, Project Spaces)

We welcome Neil Martin who relates his company's history, community profile & the importance of coworking for developing communities in urban contexts. Out now!
Ali from Rally Video on StartWell's A New Normal Show

Ali Jiwani (CEO, Rally Video)

In this video, Ali from Rall joins us in our Hybrid Event Studio for a chat about how his company is trying to make online video more social. Out now!
Digital55 at the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference

Participatory Audiences Through Digital

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Toronto studio Digital55 discussed how online allows for participatory audiences to engage. Watch the video to learn more!
Nikolas Badminton at the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference in Toronto

A Futurist’s Take on The Event Industry

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Nikolas Badminton discussed new ways for events to engage people online, citing the 2020 Tour de France. Find out more!
Don Sagarese from 10tation Event Catering discusses the state of the events industry (2020 Hybrid Event Conference)

Discussing The State of the Events Industry

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Don touched on a new way to work through the pandemic - Collaboration, Communication and Confirmation. Watch the video now!
StartWell Presents: A New Normal with David Ciccarelli (CEO,

David Ciccarelli (CEO,

In this episode, we hear from a founder who has grown his startup to 100+ employees, raised millions and understood the value of work-anywhere through C19
‘Getting in the Room’ - How Hybrid Events Relate Togetherness

‘Getting in the Room’ – How Hybrid Events Relate Togetherness

We need to use video creatively by considering the depth of what is on camera - making it accessible and able to be interacted with. Read to see our approach.
Aliya Ramji (MT Ventures @McCarthy Tétrault ) on StartWell's A New Normal

Aliya Ramji (MT Ventures @ McCarthy Tétrault)

Aliya Ramji is the co-founder of MT Ventures, a program at Canadian law firm McCarthy Tétrault focused on helping startups scale. Watch this video for more!
In Conversation With Digital 55: “Hybrid Events”

In Conversation: Digital 55 on “Hybrid Events”

Award winning StartWell member studio Digital 55 join us on stage for this conversation about bringing people together through online learning experiences.