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Nav Sangha (Founder, Ambassador)

April 27, 2020

For the 5th episode of A New Normal we called up Nav Sangha – the Founder of Ambassador, a Toronto based startup helping brick and mortar retail businesses go digital with a turn-key integrated online ordering/eCommerce and customer support chatbot offering that can plug into any website infrastructure.

Nav’s rich entrepreneurial experience has seen him run Toronto’s most respected shop for DJ vinyl on Yonge St decades ago before founding live music venues at the forefront of new scenes emerging 10-15 years ago in the city’s edgy Parkdale neighbourhood. Since then he’s launched restaurant ventures (Otto’s Bierhalle, Miss Thing’s & Soso Food Club) and cofounded Turnstyle Solutions – a location based marketing solutions provider which sold to Yelp in 2017.

With so many restaurants facing closure in Toronto it was refreshing to catch up with Nav to hear why he’s so excited to offer local businesses a digital edge that can help them improve relationships with their customers and save margins through direct ordering/sales and payment solutions.

His take on working through the pandemic – “This is a real crucial moment… This is where the decisions you make, and the planning you do, and the new technologies that you adopt are really going to have an impact upon how things transpire when this is all over. You gotta equip yourself with a new set of tools to kinda weather a very new marketplace – new needs, new customer behaviour…”