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Client feature: Gents Talk Podcast on the CBC – ‘Our Toronto’

January 13, 2023

Founded with the mission of ‘redefining masculinity for the modern gent,’ the Gents Talk podcast is recorded/produced by StartWell for a publication called Gents Post – in this video its host Samir Mourani sits down with Shannon Martin from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for its ‘Our Toronto‘ show.

Gents Talk is recorded by StartWell’s media production agency on campus in our sound stage purpose-built for filmed conversations. The series has hosted a wealth of Canadian men well established in their fields – from soccer players to finance tycoons to chefs and beyond.

Where was this segment shot?
This filmed interview with the CBC was shot on King Street in downtown Toronto at StartWell’s Offsite Venue – a 2,500 sqft mixed use meeting and event space.