Mid March Campus Updates

March 10, 2020

Our campus remains open to members, and we ask that you practice Social Distancing – for members on Club or Dedicated Desk plans, we invite you to occupy a call booth or un-booked meeting room for privacy and the safety of those around you.

  • The front door at 786 King St W is locked to the public and requires you as members to use the KISI app to gain entry from your mobile phone .
  • If your team needs additional private space please email – we currently have available offices we can allocate to existing teams at no extra charge through March & April.
  • We have closed our barista service at the complimentary cafe. For the time being, only self-serve loose-leaf teas from teaBot and still/sparkling water on tap (filtered by reverse osmosis) are available plus self-service espresso drinks (instructions are posted next to the new machine next to our water taps.)
  • With limited Front Desk service we ask members to redirect parcel delivery. When a delivery attempt notice is left at the front door or reception we will notify the recipient team with a photo of the notice via email.
  • Postal Mail is still being received, stored and logged – if you receive mail you will get a notification to pick it up from our mail room (email us via if you need help retrieving your mail.)
  • Regular cleaning/disinfection and garbage/recycling pickup throughout campus continues un-interrupted