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Our CYC Studio Now Comes Pre-Lit

March 14, 2022

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Brilliant news (literally); our cyclorama now comes prelit for no extra charge with rentals! We got so excited about Godox releasing completely fanless LED lights that we ordered and hung five ULC150 units with some excellent space light modifiers from Aputure along our cyclorama wall – the effect is a beautifully uniform blanket of 5000k light on the full cyc.

Great benefits of this new setup:

  1. The lights are silent! No more fan noise on mic’d recordings!
  2. The units are all in sync on the same wireless channel (so they can be controlled together.)
  3. Remotely controlled – you can dim or turn on/off the whole series of lights without getting up on a ladder or scaffold.
  4. Rigged to the ceiling – With our 16′ ceiling height they won’t be in your frame, even with the widest shots of our cyc.
  5. The lights are rigged with enough distance from the wall to benefit from the lighting if using a hung backdrop instead of the cyc.

*These lights come prehung, powered and ready to use without any extra charge for any media shoot booking at StartWell Studios, our dedicated film and photo studio building on Niagara Street in downtown Toronto.