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Anyone responsible for other people can develop community – one of the most important aspects an office that enables coworkers to flourish personally and professionally. Enabling community however can be an involved process – this section of our magazine shares tips and tricks from our experience to help you foster community in your own workplace. Learn More

StartWell furnished office members, coworking space members and guests enjoy reverse osmosis filtered and still water

Building the best watering hole: encouraging serendipity, focus and health through reverse osmosis

We set out to give our members and guests the best hydration experience we could - making access to it uniquely intimate yet shareable. Read to find out how!
An espresso being prepared at StartWell's coworking cafe in downtown Toronto

Awakened experiences: delighting people through bespoke cafe service

We love giving guests on campus a fun atmosphere to enjoy when they arrive and the option of taking away joy when they leave campus. Read to see how we do it!
Open bar/kitchen at StartWell coworking in Toronto

Modular kitchens for daytime eating: the appliances and utility of offering cold storage, quick heating and easy washing up

Read this post to learn how to keep it simple at your workplace. Not every food prep space needs bells & whistles, just a means of heating and cooling food.
A bright and spacious 12 person furnished office at StartWell in Toronto

Affordable does not mean cheap: how brands like IKEA enable agility and modular design

Read now to find out about desks. Consider an example situation where you need a lot of desks fast to setup a new workplace; do you have time to waste money?
Choosing a chair - StartWell's Guide to Coworking Design

Take a seat, or two or three – choosing the right chair per use case

Thanks to the love humans have for sitting, we have an immense wealth of options to choose from when procuring seats for the workplace. Read to find out more!
StartWell coworking offers rentable lounge space - perfect for informal or intimate meetings - like this one, the Green Room

Designing spaces which enable privacy and focus

Focus isn't a solitary experience. People can focus on things together, and sometimes that's noisy and other times quiet. Read to find out how we cater to both.
StartWell coworking's lending library

Calculating serendipity: how design can enable spontaneous interaction between people

Amazing things happen when people transcend hierarchies and even their own corporate identity when sharing space, and experiences. Read for examples on campus.
Reception at StartWell in downtown Toronto

Bringing the outside inside: taking a multi-sensory approach to design that cues the calm of a natural environment

Nature is more than just plants - it's the ability to use multi-sensory perception when designing environments that set people at ease. Read this to learn more.
The airy reception at StartWell sees a board room on the mezzanine overlooking our reception cafe

Sight-lines: giving people aesthetic respite from focused work with interesting things to look at

Humans love to see and be seen, especially if they feel comfortable and safe. This is something powerful when designing workplaces. Read to see our approach!
Optional privacy: designing spaces which enable participatory seclusion

Optional privacy: designing spaces which enable participatory seclusion

Far too often in offices people end up either locked away in a private room or tossed into open space with a bunch of others. Read to learn about our approach.
Penthouse suite at StartWell coworking in Toronto with open concept lounge area next to conference setup

Places of pause: how and when to use an office lounge space

At StartWell, we believe that office lounge spaces offer respite from the physicality of focus. Read this post now to find out more about our approach.
Social event at StartWell coworking in Toronto

The importance of encouraging inclusive social behaviour

Read now to find out how you can design experiences which enable people to bring their best approach to gatherings and help them feel together at work.
Cameras can help keep track of who is where at offices or coworking spaces

An eye in the sky – how to use technology to audit & enable gathering IRL

Here's a short list of some types of data you can use with simple examples of how that data can make your workplace better if acted on. Read to find out more!
StartWell's AV Broadcast Studio - Gorgeous black studio with walnut table

Community representation & authentic marketing approaches

Read now and learn about leveraging the strengths amongst your community to create a narrative that engages your audience through bespoke publications.