Awakened experiences: delighting people through bespoke cafe service

November 8, 2021

By design our campus at StartWell has a retail experience – people walk in from the street straight into our buildings. To develop the freedom of that experience our reception area includes cafe services – giving guests on campus a fun atmosphere to enjoy when they arrive and the option of taking away joy when they leave campus in the form of a hot beverage.

In order to keep the cafe footprint small and make service manageable we’ve opted to enable our guests with self-service beverages – including fresh-brewed micro-roaster coffee, looseleaf teas and reverse-osmosis filtered sparkling and still water.

Delight is found in the surprise of discovering that:

  1. We provide beverages on campus, eliminating the need to walk out again to a cafe
  2. Beverages are complimentary for guests and members on campus
  3. Yes we also have sparkling water
  4. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of possible tea combinations at their fingertips through using our special robot which brews on demand – combining ingredients and custom-temperature water through a few taps on a tablet.

Barista drinks at StartWell coworking in Toronto

Empowering our community with hydration and caffeination through hot and cold drinks they can serve themselves and each other makes for a fun experience that sets the tone for their time on campus because our cafe is one of the first things they discover when walking into our reception.

Additionally, barista drinks like cappuccino is available during special service times and makes for an engaging theatrical experience which everyone loves – providing this as a service shares ownership of the cafe with our community drawing them closer into a brand experience which forms lasting memories.