Building the best watering hole: encouraging serendipity, focus and health through reverse osmosis

November 8, 2021

It’s perhaps the oldest page in the office playbook; people meet at the water cooler.

Considering this, we set out to give our members and guests the best hydration experience we could – making access to it uniquely intimate yet sharable.


StartWell furnished office members, coworking space members and guests enjoy reverse osmosis filtered and still water
The machine we use at StartWell has two taps – one for still and one for carbonated water.

Spacial Dynamics

Our reverse-osmosis water filtration taps offer still and sparkling water which is clean on the palate and a joy to use – much better than a water cooler in the corner of a dingy kitchen area.

The machine itself is hidden from site in a white cabinet that holds the taps and glassware – tucked into a comfy illuminated corner of our reception/cafe which begs for it to be discovered. Once people know where to get their water they love showing it to others – and we’ve left just enough room for two people to sneak into the same space without it feeling awkward.

Spontaneous interaction in this example comes from:

  • Moving past each other when going to and from the water taps
  • Passing each other glassware and bottles to fill up
  • Explaining which tap is which and selling the exciting concept of filling up your own sparkling water bottle for a meeting

Because our hydration services are located in our reception/cafe guests immediately discover it when they come into the building for the first time – which means that they can fill a bottle to take into their meetings or office. When thirsty then or later, they have what they need to satisfy themselves and can always know where to go for more.

StartWell furnished office members, coworking space members and guests enjoy reverse osmosis filtered and still water - unlimited and self-serve

How Refreshing?


There are so many options out there to choose from when considering replacing a water cooler with something more deluxe and healthy. Because we value uniquely authentic experiences so highly at StartWell we imported an Italian reverse-osmosis machine that also cools and optionally carbonates the water on demand.

This high volume commercial machine could be used to professionally bottle and sell water to stores for retail consumption – its that high quality, and for us this means that no guest on campus is without immediate access to not only hydration but refreshment as well.