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In Conversation: Digital 55 on “Hybrid Events”

June 29, 2020

Lauralee Sheehan and Kaila Simoneau from award winning StartWell member studio Digital 55 join us on stage in the Event Studio on King Street West for this conversation about bringing people together through online learning experiences.

As the two relate from their recent client experience working through the pandemic, people learning online are less interested in the linear narratives which may have worked in physical classroom settings.

Because most people are familiar with Social Networks and experience interactivity online in their entertainment space, event planners putting audiences together (for education or other purpose) will need to consider how they can offer content in a way that feels live but non-linear and engaging.

Hybrid events should apparently use digital tools to bring audience members together online in ways that engage them with each other perhaps as much as the content they are presented through an event.


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Digital55 at the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference

Participatory Audiences Through Digital

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Toronto studio Digital55 discussed how online allows for participatory audiences to engage.
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Nikolas Badminton at the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference in Toronto

A Futurist’s Take on The Event Industry

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference Nikolas Badminton discussed new ways for events to engage people online, citing the 2020 Tour de France.
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Don Sagarese from 10tation Event Catering discusses the state of the events industry (2020 Hybrid Event Conference)

Discussing The State of the Events Industry

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Don touched on a new way to work through the pandemic - Collaboration, Communication and Confirmation.
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The HappyHour Academy (Case Study - 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Orlando Carreira)

HappyHour Academy as a Hybrid Event Case Study

At the 2020 Hybrid Event Conference, Orlando Carreira shares the hybrid case study of his company which produces virtual cocktail workshops.
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To Gather - Ep 2, w/Phil Telio from StartupFest (Hybrid Event)

To Gather, Episode 2

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To Gather Podcast - Episode 1

To Gather, Episode 1

To kick things off, Qasim and Orlando discuss some topics they'd like to explore in the series which examines the Hospitality, Meetings & Events industries.
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‘Getting in the Room’ - How Hybrid Events Relate Togetherness

‘Getting in the Room’ – How Hybrid Events Relate Togetherness

We need to use video creatively by considering the depth of what is on camera - making it accessible and able to be interacted with.
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StartWell Member Profile - Digital 55 (Lauralee Sheehan & Kaila Simoneau)

Digital 55

Meet Lauralee Sheehan & Kaila Simoneau, StartWell members and the tour the force behind award winning studio Digital 55!
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Lessons from Remote Work: Digital 55

Lessons from Remote Work: Digital 55

Lauralee Sheehan, the Chief Creative Officer at Digital 55 offers her take on remote work with tools her team is using and things they miss on campus.