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WTF is a Moonrock?

July 22, 2020

For this second episode I walk through a film shoot for a new cannabis publication in StartWell’s Event Studio & learn about Moonrocks, go figure.


/ From The Founder
StartWell Founder Vlog #4

A Drink & An Almost-Tragic Story

We're in Studio B at StartWell's downtown Toronto campus for this VLOG episode and catch up with resident mixologist Orlando Carreira.
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StartWell VLOG 3 - Why Coworking is important right now

Why Coworking Is Important Right Now

Check out our Innovation Centre - an experimental work, event and content creation space we've just launched in downtown Toronto...
/ From The Founder
My first VLOG - StartWell Founder/CEO Qasim Virjee

My First VLOG

For this, the first episode, StartWell's Founder Qasim Virjee makes a cappuccino and talks jazz with Orlando - a member who runs BizBash in Canada.