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A Panel on Biohacking

February 15, 2019

*This discussion panel was recorded in our Offsite Venue on November 15, 2018



Dr. Navaz Habib (@DrNavazHabib), is a Functional Medicine Doctor, Author and Speaker who empowers his patients to make small, sustainable changes to blind spots which may have been overlooked by other health care practitioners. He has found that these are the missing pieces which have a long-lasting impact on energy levels, digestive, metabolic and hormonal health. He has biohacked his own health concerns and transformed his life using the tools of functional and lifestyle medicine, and now works to support his patients in making these changes at the Living Proof Institute in Mississauga.

Oksana Andreiuk (@CanadianBiohacker) is on a mission to bring biohacking and anti-aging science to the mainstream in Canada and to help individuals optimize their mental and physical performance, with the ultimate vision of extending healthspan and lifespan. It’s this vision that inspired her to found Biohacking & Longevity TO, hosting monthly events to educate and provide a platform for live discussions. Oksana is a futurist with a long-standing interest in the applications of biotechnology and the science of aging, holding an HonsBSc in genetics and a Master of Biotechnology from the University of Toronto. She has a deep knowledge of the healthcare industry having worked with private, non-profit, and public organizations across Canadian and US markets, building her expertise in medical, marketing, and digital strategy. Oksana is currently a Strategist at the world’s largest independent health marketing and commercialization agency, where she consults on strategy for healthcare products across a number of therapeutic areas.

Ash Aly (@ashaly8) is a Quant/Data Scientist who has spent 10 yrs building data-driven analytics and Financial technology and the past 5 yrs advising and consulting for startup and enterprise teams transforming to Agility. He is also a self-professed biohacker + ‘peak performance and flow enthusiast.’