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Guneet Monga and Karan Johar during TIFF at StartWell

Filmmaker Q&A with Guneet Monga and Karan Johar at StartWell’s Event Studio

During TIFF 2023 these iconic (and Academy Award winning) producers graced our stage for a conversation about filmmaking.
Dave Cairns (CBRE) at StartWell's Event Studio conducting a live metaverse meetup on Virbela Open Campus

David Cairns on Metaverse experiences in Virbela Open Campus at StartWell’s Event Studio

This cohost of a weekly series about the Future of Work dialled into the Metaverse from our Event Studio and relate his experience on film.
Nick DenBoer aka Smearballs on his creative journey

Nick DenBoer aka Smearballs on his creative journey

Nick is a wacky creative genius who has worked w/tons of high profile clients - including Wieden+Kennedy, Conan O'Brien, deadmau5 & many more
Better brands use authentic media production - w/Futurist Speaker Nik Badminton

Better brands use authentic media production – w/Nikolas Badminton

Solutions like our end-to-end media production house enable modern companies to express brands with greater authenticity.
StartWell Studios now offers PhaseOne photography

Our approach to medium-format photography, using PhaseOne camera technology

PhaseOne’s XF camera system is a powerhouse for the professional photographer – offering 3x the amount of MPs used on regular shoots.
Gents Talk on the StartWell Podcast

Why these podcast hosts want a modern definition of masculinity

Gents Talk features well known men sharing experiences which aim to express their definition of masculinity in the modern age.
Canon introduced its R series cameras to photographers in Toronto at StartWell in 2022

How Canon launched its R series cameras in Toronto at StartWell

100s of Professionals and hobbyist photographers came to StartWell for a 2-day hands-on studio session with the EOS R lineup.
2022 Cashmere Collection - Shot by Justin Wu at StartWell Studios

2022 Cashmere Collection – Shot by Justin Wu at StartWell Studios

The Cashmere Collection heralds the annual return of Cashmere’s awareness and fundraising activities for breast cancer.
Lovebomb pop up at StartWell Studios in downtown Toronto

Love Bomb – An Art-Fashion-Music Popup at StartWell Studios [recap]

We sit down with collaborators Cat Choo and Ian Kelso to hear how their launch event at our Studio went + what's coming up next.
A SOCAN Hackathon Hosted at StartWell’s Offsite Venue on April 9th and 10th, 2022

Cue-Sheet-Palooza: A SOCAN Hackathon At StartWell’s Offsite Venue

This event explored ways music creators and stakeholders can get better paid for their screen-based performance rights royalties. Check out this new post!
Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Eric Bizzarri introduces the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this video to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
Behind The Scenes at StartWell Studios, Episode 1 (Talentosa Productions)

Jorge Posada on photographic conceptual works with Phase One & Hasselblad cameras

Jorge Posada takes a deep dive into a recent project called 'Main & 3rd' that seeks to help preserve the cultural heritage of a building in downtown Vancouver.