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As the workplace becomes digitised and staff more distributed, it’s getting harder to develop and support teams – this series relates perspectives, tricks and tips for people who bring teams together.

*If you work in human resources, people & culture or related fields managing teams – you will want to register for our annual Gathering conference here.

Cheli Nolan from Relay at StartWell

Cheli Nolan on experimenting with making offices fun again [Video]

Relay grew its office footprint through the pandemic and tried to make it a place where staff could enjoy themselves.
Sylvia Smiley from Zulu Alpha Kilo at StartWell

Sylvia Smiley on the power of relationships for talent attraction [Video]

Zulu Alpha Kilo is a growing Canadian creative agency attracting talent across the country and in New York.
Amanda Cupido from Lead Podcasting at StartWell

Amanda Cupido on internal podcasting & how it can help teams communicate [Video]

Amanda Cupido is an award-winning podcast producer, radio executive, university instructor, author, and entrepreneur.
Ashley Proctor (ED, Coworking Canada & Partnerships/Growth at Deskpass) at StartWell

Ashley Proctor shares learning from the indie coworking movement in Canada [Video]

Hear from one of the founders of Canada's coworking movement as we discuss a range of topics relating coworking values to today's workplaces.
Sean Huynh from devTalent on StartWell's Gathering Podcast

The role of technical recruiters w/Sean Huynh – cofounder of devTalent [Video]

Hear why Sean cofounded his company, what top tech talent is looking for and some tips on how companies can manage HR churn + more.
Deon Blyan, the Vice President of Global Talent Development at Sunwing, joins us in studio for the first episode of 'Gathering' - a series for people who bring teams together.

Deon Blyan on how Sunwing’s corporate values unite 20,000 staff [Video]

Deon joined us in studio for StartWell's Gathering podcast to relate his role and how he came to work in People/Culture at Sunwing.