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Our flagship broadcast, the StartWell Podcast, is recorded on campus in studio and presents diverse perspectives from local entrepreneurs, hosted by our CEO Qasim Virjee. Tune in here or through syndication channels where you can subscribe for the latest episodes – including YouTube, iTunes and Spotify

StartWell Podcasts Presented by Qasim Virjee


The StartWell Podcast [iTunes] [Spotify] Conversations with members, partners and associates of StartWell, recorded in our studio and at live events on campus.

Gathering [iTunes] [Spotify] A series for people who bring teams together.

Stefany Nieto from Gwella/MOJO on the StartWell Podcast

Stefany Nieto – COO & Co-founder, Gwella/MOJO

We sat down in studio with Stefany Nieto, Gwella's COO and one of its founders for this, the 50th episode of our StartWell Podcast.
Gents Talk on the StartWell Podcast

Samir Mourani & Matthew Chapman from Gent’s Talk [Ep.49]

Gents Talk features well known men sharing experiences which aim to express their definition of masculinity in the modern age.
Michael Goldman from Facilitation First at StartWell

Michael Goldman (Facilitation First)[Gathering Podcast Ep.18]

For over 30 years Michael Goldman's professional facilitation training and services company has worked to enable more effective + efficient collaboration.
Jordyn Benattar at StartWell

Jordyn Benattar (Speakwell) [Gathering Podcast Ep.17]

For the 17th episode of StartWell's Gathering Podcast we sit down with Toronto based public speaking and communications expert Jordyn Benattar.
Martin Hauck from the People People Group at StartWell

Martin Hauck (The People People Group) [Gathering Podcast, Ep.16]

Currently the Head of Talent at Caseware, Martin has had a decade-plus career in HR, which started when he was recruited to become a recruiter.
Lorena Perry at StartWell

Lorena Perry [Gathering Podcast Ep.15]

Sharing both personal experience and insights into her work; Lorena has recommendations for how recent immigrants to Canada looking for work.
Stephen Shedletzky, aka 'Shed' at StartWell

Stephen Shedletzky, aka ‘Shed’ [Gathering Podcast Ep.14]

Hear about how Shed's career brought him to working with Simon Sinek some of the impetus behind writing his forthcoming book.
Food Philanthropist Jagger Gordon on the StartWell Podcast

Food Philanthropist Chef Jagger Gordon [ep.48]

Hear about his philanthropic endeavours to battle food insecurity and reduce food waste + a recent trip to Ukraine to feed soldiers.
Sam Cross from Unity at StartWell

Sam Cross (Sr Technical Recruiter, Unity) [Gathering Podcast Ep.13]

Sam Cross didn't realise how ADHD affected her until 2020 when it started affecting her work in the absence of daily workplace routines.
Emma Hunt from Bloom at StartWell

Emma Hunt (Senior Talent Advisor, Bloom)[Gathering Podcast Ep.12]

Emma Hunt is a senior talent advisor with Bloom - a workplace design consultancy based in Toronto but with a globally dispersed team.
Jay Goldman from Sensei Labs at StartWell

Jay Goldman (CEO & Co-founder, Sensei Labs)[Gathering Podcast Ep.11]

Meet Jay Goldman the CEO of Toronto based Sensei Labs whose company makes orchestration software for enterprise transformations.
Swish Goswami at StartWell

Swish Goswami (Co-founder & CEO, Surf)[Gathering Podcast Ep.10]

Swish shares his vision for Surf, how his team has grown to 40+, why he values a distributed team and enables remote work and much more!