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StartWell Magazine / Podcasts

We publish multiple podcast series here and through our syndication partners – all episodes are below.

The StartWell Podcast [iTunes] [Spotify]
Conversations with members, partners and associates of StartWell, recorded in our studio and at live events on campus.
A New Normal [iTunes] [Spotify]
Featuring innovators and entrepreneurs working through challenges which the global pandemic is presenting them.
To Gather [iTunes] [Spotify]
A series which examines the Hospitality, Meetings & Events industries with hosts Qasim Virjee & Orlando Carreira.

Tarun Nayar (Director, 5x Festival)

We dialled up Tarun in Vancouver for his take on changes in the music industry and what entertainment trends he sees emerging from this pandemic period.

Sameer Mohamed (Founder, Fahrenheit Coffee)

We caught up with Sameer Mohammed in Old Toronto to hear how the pandemic is affecting his award winning specialty coffee business.

Dr Sheila Lakhoo

Dr Lakhoo offers her vision on how telemedicine is being adopted through the pandemic and what impact it has on the practice of Family Medicine in Ontario.

Episode 30 – Aaron Wayne (First Aid Canada Inc.)

In this episode, Aaron tells us a little about his company's offering, how they sell online and what challenges he is facing because of the pandemic.

Episode 29 – Nikola Danaylov (Dark Futures 5/5)

This talk was presented by Nikola Danaylov, founder of Singularity Media Inc and is titled "NeoTechnocracy The Future is Worse than You Think."

Episode 28 – Melissa Eshaghbeigi (Dark Futures 4/5)

This talk was presented by Melissa Eshaghbeigi at Dark Futures YYZ 2019 and is titled "It's 2039, you're either stressed, depressed or cancelled."

Episode 27 – Calla Lee (Dark Futures 3/5)

This talk was presented by Calla Lee at Dark Futures YYZ 2019 and is titled "Tinder"

Episode 26 – Oksana Andreiuk (Dark Futures 2/5)

This talk was presented by Oksana Andreiuk at Dark Futures YYZ 2019 and is titled "You're already a cyborg and it's about to get weirder.

Episode 25 – Geoff Snack (Dark Futures, 1/5)

"New materiality Things that don't exist" presented by Geoff Snack, a strategist at the Toronto design and experience agency JAM3 at Dark Futures YYZ 2019

Episode 24 – Matt Cohen (Ripple Ventures)

In this studio session Ripple Ventures' Managing Partner Matt Cohen introduces his Toronto-based early stage venture fund focused on B2B software.

Episode 23 – Retailing Cannabis in Ontario (Superette & BoC)

A frank discussion between Business of Cannabis and Superette hosted at StartWell - relating issues being faced by retailers of Cannabis in Ontario.

Episode 22 – David Adler (CEO & Founder, BizBash)

This brief 20 minute talk touches on the magic that happens when people come together. David introduces the role of 'collaboration artist' and more...