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Our flagship broadcast, the StartWell Podcast, is recorded on campus in studio and presents diverse perspectives from local entrepreneurs, hosted by our CEO Qasim Virjee. Tune in here or through syndication channels where you can subscribe for the latest episodes – including YouTube, iTunes and Spotify

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The StartWell Podcast [iTunes] [Spotify] Conversations with members, partners and associates of StartWell, recorded in our studio and at live events on campus.

Gathering [iTunes] [Spotify] A series for people who bring teams together.

Syzl co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrian Savin on the StartWell Podcast

Syzl co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrian Savin (Ep. 43)

This husband and wife team have brought their combined experiences working in digital marketing and shared spaces to help food professionals. Tune in now!
Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase at StartWell

Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this podcast to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
StartWell member company Carbon6 on how their are building a platform for the Amazon Seller Community [video]

Carbon6 Introduce Their Solutions for Amazon Sellers [Ep.41]

Check out episode 41 of the StartWell Podcast. For this episode, we sit down with Carbon6's co founders and hear their story/approach to selling online.
TechTO on the 40th episode of the StartWell Podcast

TechTO Introduces Their Insiders Subscription (Ep.40)

Check out a new episode. Recorded at our first TechTO-StartWell coworking day for the Insiders community of startup founders, mentors, investors and innovators.
Michaelangelo Masangkay on the StartWell Podcast

Michaelangelo Masangkay – Founder, Top Drone (Ep.39)

Check out episode 39 and explore what it means to be a drone pilot and operate a services company providing aerial cinematography through Michael's experience.
Ryan Bolton - Photographer (Ep.38)

Ryan Bolton – Photographer (Ep.38)

Meet Ryan Bolton. Journalism originally led Ryan to photography as a career - we discuss the backstory plus tips and tricks for improving as a career creator.
Amin Jadavji from Elevate Farms on the StartWell Podcast

Amin Jadavji – CEO/Founder, Elevate Farms

Listen to learn how Elevate Farms is leveraging technology developed to test the ability to grow life on Mars - scaling up with vertical farms for leafy greens.
Ran Goel from Fresh City Farms on the StartWell Podcast

Ran Goel – Founder, Fresh City Farms (Ep.36)

Fresh City Farms sprouted from humble beginnings about a decade ago as an urban farming experiment in Downsview Park. Find out more on Episode 36 with Ran Goel!
Jacqueline Vong on the StartWell Podcast

Jacqueline Vong – CoFounder of Playology Intl (Ep.35)

Meet Jaqueline Vong, CoFounder of Playology Intl. Hear some of her experiences taking the minions to China, bringing the Wiggles to Canada and much much more.
Jay Rosenthal on the StartWell Podcast

Jay Rosenthal – CoFounder at Business of Cannabis (Ep.34)

On Episode 34, we sat down with Jay Rosenthal, co-founder of Canada's leading publication focused on the emerging North American Cannabis industry. Out now!
Adam Weitner on the StartWell Podcast

Adam Weitner – Founder of Astrolab Studios (Ep33)

Episode 33 is out now! In this episode, we meet Adam, the founder of one of Toronto's best boutique sound-stages who is also a professional photographer and DJ.
Len Senater on the StartWell Podcast

Len Senater from the Depanneur (Ep32)

Celebrating 10 years in business, Len joins us to recount the foundation story of The Depanneur, an experimental culinary social enterprise. Episode 32 out now!