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On Demand Meeting Rooms at StartWell » Turn-key corporate event space at StartWell

The StartWell Event Studio

A purpose-built corporate event space venue for impactful corporate gatherings & professional livestreams.

Featuring a massive curved-wall studio space that has in-ceiling theatrical lighting and projection – allowing audiences to enjoy great looking presentations in person and via live-stream.

This corporate event space building has a retail entrance and parking lot – making it easy for your guests to attend corporate events involving keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions, roundtables etc.. accessorized by social hours and open concept breakouts and dining.

Reception area: open concept kitchen, meeting, dining & lounge space

Large open area with kitchen/espresso-bar, 2 washrooms and a presentation space featuring ceiling mounted projector, smart tv on wheels plus couches and high tops for cocktail setup and folding tables and chairs for row seating, workshop or conference setups.

Presentation Space: white cyclorama studio

2 Curved walls with corner-less cove, high 16′ ceilings, truss for custom lighting rigs + 3 ceiling mounted projectors for instant branding, atmosphere and presentations. With folding tables and chairs for row seating, workshop or conference setups.

For Presentations: With in-house audio-visual equipment and services, our team can manage multi-screen projections and custom light a stage experience for an in-room and virtual (hybrid) audience, making this the best space solution in Toronto for streamed conferences that require in-room seating for up to 100 people.

Building Features


  • Ground Floor
  • 3,500sf. Single Floor Detached Building
  • 2,000sf. CYC Studio w/Broadcast + Production Mezzanine
  • 1,000sf. Kitchen/Dining/Lounge/HMUA Area
  • 2 Washrooms
  • 4 Parking Spots on Front Pad

Studio Specifications

  • 2,000sf. Moulded Corner Cyc (42’x27′ running length walls)
  • 17′ Ceilings
  • Truss (Mounted In Structural Beams)
  • Blackout Windows + 6 Blackout Skylights
  • Concrete Floors (painted white)
  • In-room sound, lighting and visual projection with mic and camera options for livestreams and recordings

Capacity & Furnishings

Event space rental comes with the ability to use our folding furniture on either side of the building – so you can host table or row-style presentations in the studio, and then use the main cafe/flex space for dining, open concept breakout sessions, evening cocktails etc…

Folding furniture available on-site (included with rental)

  • 8 Round tables (white) – 4 person, 48″ diameter
  • 20 Rectangular tables (black) – 8 person, 72″x30″
  • 100 folding chairs (black)

Table seating options in the studio

  • Workshop/Bench style (single sided) – 6 rows of 3 tables = 54 people
  • Long rows (double sided) – 3 rows of 6 tables = 108 people
  • Seperated tables, length-wise (seating all around) – 3 rows of 4 tables + 2 extra tables on end = 112 people
  • ‘O’ shaped conference setup – 14 tables in an oval = 42 people

Optional Extras

  • Photography – Our photographers don’t watermark their shots and let you do whatever you’d like with photos captured at your event.
  • Live Streams & Film Production – our managed services team can produce content for live streaming or post-production using our Blackmagic studio suite in 1080 or 4K with up to 4 cameras simultaneously recording.
  • Catering & Food service – We can recommend solutions or you can simply use your own caterer for no extra fees!
  • Open Bar – Featuring house red and white wine plus craft beer and serving staff as needed.
  • Extra Space – We can accessorize venue booking with overflow space or additional work and meeting space around the corner at StartWell’s main King Street buildings.

Virtual Tour

Past Event Gallery

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Floor Plan / Layouts

StartWell's Event Studio - Floorplan

Studio rental for media productions

StartWell's Event Studio Cyclorama includes media production equipment

StartWell’s Event Studio is a preferred choice for Toronto’s leading brands, photographers and filmmakers.

Whether you’re booking our venue as a corporate event space or studio for photography or film, our in-house production approach offers solutions for stills, motion and livestream shoots as needed in the space and we welcome other production teams to use our production equipment.

All rentals come with sandbags, stands and a mixture of lighting equipment, and we can arrange further support on a per-project basis.

Photos of our pre-lit white cyclorama for media shoots

Load in directly from our parking lot!

Media production equipment on-site and available for client use

  • Grip
    • 4x Stainless Steel Reflector C-Stand Adjustable 10 feet/3 Meters with 4 feet/1.2 Meters Holding Arm and 2 Pieces Grip Head
    • 6x Tripods – 102″/260cm Stainless Steel Heavy Duty with 1/4″ to 3/8″ Adapter
    • 2x Stainless Steel C Stand Light Stand with Pulleys, Max. Height 14.4ft/440cm with 7ft/218cm Cross-Bar
    • 2x Stainless Steel Light Stand Tripod with Casters, Heavy Duty Max. Height 10ft/305cm Folded Height 3.9ft/120cm
    • 2x White Electric Motorized Rotating Turntable Display Stand, 24 Inch / 60cm Diameter, 180 Lb Centric Loading
    • 2x Laptop Stand Tripods (37.4″-58.7″/92cm-130cm)
    • 3x Mini Aluminum Tripod Stands with 32″/80cm Max Height
    • 1x Apple Box Set – Multi-Use Wooden Boxes –  Full, Half, Quarter & Pancake
    • 15x Black sandbags (weighted approx 5lbs each)
    • 1x 6-24’ pole (for adjusting ceiling trussed light fixtures etc…)
    • 2x Ceiling Mounted Pantographs (85” fully extended, 15KG max load each)
    • 3x 30’ hand wind retractable extension cord reel with 4 grounded outlets, 13A circuit breaker
    • 6x 10’ Universal Power Cords
    • 5 White 10’ Extension Power Cords
    • Kleton Plastic Utility Service Cart, Flat Top, 25.5-Inch by 40.5-Inch, 5-Inch Casters, 500-lbs Capacity
    • 8′ A frame ladder
    • 12′ A frame ladder
  • Bowens Softboxes / Light Diffusers
    • 2x Godox CS-65D Lantern Softbox Soft Light Modifier with skirts
    • 2x Neewer 38 inches Deep Parabolic Softbox with Bowens Mount, Removable Internal & External Diffuser and Grid
    • 2x Godox 35x160cm 14″x63″ Beehive Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox
  • Umbrellas
    • 2x 72″/185cm Silver with Black Cover Reflective Parabolic Umbrella 16 Fiberglass Rib 7mm Shaft (with 2x 7′ Parabolic Umbrella Diffusers)
    • 2x 33″/84cm Professional Photography Studio Reflective Lighting Black/Silver Umbrella
    • 2x E Type Camera Flash Speedlite Mount Swivel Light Stand Bracket with Umbrella Holder for Canon Nikon Pentax Olympus and Other Flashes, Studio Light, LED Light
  • Floor-Standing Reflectors
    • 4x 35″ x 70″/ 90 x 180cm Photo Studio Gold/Silver & Black/White Flat Panel Light Reflector with 360 Degree Rotating Holding Bracket (v flat alternative panels)
    • 2x 66” x24” Clamshell/Arclight Curved Eyelighter Lighting Reflector
    • 2x 5’x7′ Butterfly Scrim (Black or White Reflector Cover + Diffusion Panel) on Wheels
  • Hair/Makeup
    • 2x Tall Tables on Casters
    • 2x Makeup Mirrors With 4000k Bulbs and Dimmer (mirrors = 31.5” x 25.6”)
    • 2x 3-Tier Black Mesh Utility Cart (For Spray Bottles etc…)
    • 1x J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head, 120 Volt
    • 2x Directors Chairs (tall)
  • Audio-Visual
    • STUDIO – SHORT CYC WALL; LG ProBeam BF50NST, WUXGA Laser Projector with 5000 Lumens.
    • STUDIO – LONG CYC WALL; Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home Theater Projector, 120Hz Refresh Rate, 4000 Lumens
    • STUDIO – LONG CYC WALL; ViewSonic 1080p Projector, 3500 Lumens, Supercolor
    • Flex Space – Back wall; Optoma HD39HDR High Brightness HDR Home Theater Projector, 120Hz Refresh Rate, 4000 Lumens
    • 1x 55″ 4k TVs (On Floor Stands With Castors)
    • 1x AppleTV (1080p)
    • 1x JBL EON ONE Portable All-in-One Linear-Array 6-Channel PA System

Client Feedback

A pleasure working with Qasim! The space is perfect for a photo shoot or small video production. The space is also great for clients or high profile talent / celebrities. Working with Qasim was exactly what we wanted when working with a studio. They were flexible, accommodating, friendly staff, professional and responsive. Highly recommend!
Imad Elsheikh
Imad Elsheikh
03:44 22 Jul 21
Loved shooting in this studio. Beautiful, clean, professional and super convenient if you're looking for a space in the heart of the city. Really appreciated all the on-site photography/lighting equipment. 🙏🏽
Sharad Mohan
Sharad Mohan
11:52 20 Jul 21
StartWell Studios is a modern, sleek and creative space that is perfect for all types of photography. I had headshots taken and was extremely comfortable in the vast, airy room where the magic happened. I highly recommend this studio for any type of photography or filming/video project.
David Sevitt
David Sevitt
15:47 12 May 21
We got some great shots here, both professional and creative. Love the huge space and all the different lighting/backdrop options! Great team.
Nina Iordanova
Nina Iordanova
21:47 11 May 21
StartWell Studios provides a clean, modern space, perfect for filming. There are bathrooms and a makeup table for quick outfit changes and appearance checks. They also provide different backdrops for photos and videos. All the furniture is modular and movable so you can set up any scene you want.The cafe area provides a great environment to check emails, regroup and brainstorm before and after a shoot. The coffee is smooth and strong, like their Wifi.I highly recommend working with their production team. As someone who doesn't like to see herself on camera, their team guides you through the entire process from booking, filming and editing.
Karen Parucha
Karen Parucha
16:25 27 Jan 21

Event space location

Rental of our corporate event space building comes with 4 available parking spots on our lot, just in front of the building. Additional street parking can be found easily in the neighbourhood plus just a 3 minute walk away there is underground paid parking at Upark 775 King Street West.

On Demand Meeting Rooms at StartWell » Turn-key corporate event space at StartWell