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On Demand Meeting Space at StartWell » Penthouse – Suite 4B

Suite 4B: Penthouse Meeting Venue

This penthouse suite features a conference table for 16+ with video conferencing equipment + white boards.

The suite features a kitchenette w/microwave, fridge and sink plus a dining table, lounge space with couches, 9 workstations, single person office/call-booth, 4 person meeting room, 6 person meeting room plus its own washroom!

Suite Features:
  • Conference table in ‘O’ shape with 16 premium Keilhauer chairs.
  • Video conferencing setup included: wide angle camera with pan/tilt and remote, large LED TV with Airplay and HDMI connections, 360 degree microphone, wall mounted sound system.
  • Lounge area with two large couches, coffee tables plus 2 armchairs. Surround sound in-ceiling, wall mounted TV with Apple TV for Airplay and HDMI connections.
  • Open kitchenette with 6 person dining table, large fridge + ice maker, microwave.
  • 6 Person private meeting room with LED TV and white board.
  • 4 Person private meeting room with white board.
  • Single person private office (can be used for phone calls etc…)
  • In-suite washroom.
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On Demand Meeting Space at StartWell » Penthouse – Suite 4B