Our amazing event space at main campus in Toronto regularly hosts events which we program that represent voices from Canada’s innovation ecosystem – including our member companies as well as partners and friends of StartWell.

Upcoming Events:

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Thu Apr 25, 2019 @ 9pm
Focals by North at StartWell Toronto

StartWell New Realities: AWENiteTO

Our 2019 Programming Channels:

Smarter Living at StartWell

Smarter Living

Rapidly evolving technologies are pushing new boundaries for life sciences. Humankind is living longer, healthier and more sustainably than ever thanks to greater knowledge of our biology and innovations that improve quality of life.

This series will introduce tools and techniques to enable our audiences to live smarter – bringing experts from traditional and alternative medical fields to stage alongside hackers, culinary artists and more.

New Realities at StartWell

New Realities

In just a few short decades digital media transcended two dimensionality, offering immersive experiences that blur the lines which define reality.

In partnership with organizations like Augmented World Expo/AWENiteTO and the Canadian Film Centre’s Media Lab this series will bring together CEOs, CTOs, designers, developers, creatives, futurists, investors, and press to experience and learn about bleeding edge virtual and augmented reality tech.

Evolving Economies at StartWell

Evolving Economies

Currencies are virtualizing whilst nation borders collapse – financial freedoms are enabling greater liquidity than ever before and our global economy’s machine is being retooled to catch up with demands of modern businesses and consumers.

Through dialog between financial institutions, entrepreneurs challenging the status quo and economic analysts we hope to shine light on micro and macro trends affecting the exchange of goods and services globally.

The Connected Experience at StartWell

The Connected Experience

Computers are increasingly becoming pervasive; connecting us to the devices we use daily as well as the network that connects us with them.

This intriguing series considers examples of how ubiquitous digital experience is evolving human society’s understanding of interconnectedness and will raise forum to diverse perspectives including interface designers, auto manufacturers, software engineers, biologists and more.