The StartWell Innovators Roundtable

Once a month we gather some of Canada’s brightest minds to discuss their perspectives on the future of their industry.


At this series, original thought is welcomed and conversation flows on-topic amongst industry-leading innovators right in front of you!

StartWell’s Innovators Roundtable puts conversation at the centre of the room – our studio audience is curated to ensure as many quality connections per event based on topical interest and experience.

We extend the experience through cinematic multi-camera live broadcasts and each event in the series will be published afterwards with transcripts and video footage.

Programming themes

Expect lively discussion as once a month we gather 100 studio audience members who have some familiarity with one topic to come face to face with experts at the table in discussion.

*The full 2023-2024 schedule will be released in late August

  • Venture Finance – Sources of capital & investment, alt-banking, disappearing borders, value arbitrage, paths to scale
  • Food – Security, growing & tech, distribution – ecomm vs retail, grocery and meal delivery
  • Web3 – Gaming, finance/cryptocurrency,
  • Cloud -Future computation vs storage, automated infrastructural development, the GPU age
  • eComm – Payments, logistics, supply chain and manufacturing
  • XR – Payments, logistics, supply chain and manufacturing
  • Transportation – Logistics – fleet management, automotive manufacture, electric vs gas
  • Creator economy – Formats and channels, sustainability in niches, glocalization, Ai
  • Entertainment – Featuring house red and white wine plus craft beer, espresso drinks and serving staff as needed.
  • Human Resources – Remote work & geo-distribution, digitizing triage, defining culture, career sustainability
  • The Built Environment – Sources, distribution and consumer demand – enabling scalable futures quickly, affordably and sustainably
  • Marketing – Advertising efficacy, digital identities, automated sales, future search, reactive digital creative generation