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Conversations with members, partners and associates of StartWell, recorded in our studio and at live events on campus.

Podcast: The StartWell Podcast

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Elizabeth Taylor aka Pureness [ep.47]

Take a break from high tech startups and hear the story of this award winning Toronto based makeup and hair artist.
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Simon Davis – Purposeful Intent [ep.46]

Learn about his impetus for founding the series, experiences hosting it through 2022 across North America and expectations for the year ahead.
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Robert Domagala – ReturnBear [ep.45]

For digital retailers, receiving back returns can be a nightmare for SMBs - that's where ReturnBear comes in!

Camille Moore – Third Eye Insights [Ep.44]

Camille Moore relates her founder story and shares perspective on her firm's approach to enabling professional services through branding.

Syzl co-founders Azrah Manji and Adrian Savin (Ep. 43)

This husband and wife team have brought their combined experiences working in digital marketing and shared spaces to help food professionals. Tune in now!

Eric Bizzarri from the Future of Film Showcase

Check out this podcast to learn about this unique Canadian arts organization supporting young filmmakers with network connectivity, education and screenings.
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Carbon6 Introduce Their Solutions for Amazon Sellers [Ep.41]

Check out episode 41 of the StartWell Podcast. For this episode, we sit down with Carbon6's co founders and hear their story/approach to selling online.
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TechTO Introduces Their Insiders Subscription (Ep.40)

Check out a new episode. Recorded at our first TechTO-StartWell coworking day for the Insiders community of startup founders, mentors, investors and innovators.
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Michaelangelo Masangkay – Founder, Top Drone (Ep.39)

Check out episode 39 and explore what it means to be a drone pilot and operate a services company providing aerial cinematography through Michael's experience.
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Ryan Bolton – Photographer (Ep.38)

Meet Ryan Bolton. Journalism originally led Ryan to photography as a career - we discuss the backstory plus tips and tricks for improving as a career creator.