Are Meetings The New Office?

Here at StartWell, we think they are... sort of. It's been a couple of years since office workers in Toronto spent a good amount of time together doing things for the bulk of their days in the same physical space for a week at a time. In that time, a lot of people we know - friends, alumni and customers of StartWell, have thought deeply about their need to be comfortable whilst working. Most folks we know report from their desks at home eagerly awaiting social contact in real life... they've missed the fun they had working with their peers in an office before the pandemic but have also enjoyed being able to focus on tasks by themselves at home (the fortunate few with large dwellings and without kids stuck at home.) Our campus on King Street West was designed in 2017 to encourage both a social environment and optional privacy - and with the pandemic we've advanced that design by retooling and developing the meeting spaces we offer to book on demand. Blurring the lines between boutique hotel, board room and office, we now offer a range of meeting spaces on campus that come with everything you need for fun and productive collaboration sessions - from micro-roasted espresso to fiber Internet and turn-key video-conferencing. Despite what poorly pontificating business periodicals might print, this pandemic hasn't eliminated the need for an office - instead, it has prompted a questioning of the role offices play in our lives. The 'office' should be an on-demand collaborative place which is available to coworkers when they need it - giving them somewhere comfortable to find inspiration and community. Has the pandemic left your company without an office? We'd love for you to find one at StartWell in our meeting spaces - book anytime online and experience a new way to work.

Meeting room rentals at StartWell in Toronto

Book any of our meeting rooms or venues on-demand for small or large company gatherings. We include presentation technology with complimentary barista service and a great vibe that your team will love.

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