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A truly unique approach to coworking space in Toronto, on King Street West

We keep things simple at StartWell - book a coworking day pass or sign up for a monthly (hot desk) plan and get access to comfortable spaces to take calls, work or pause.

Our WiFi is great and you'll always find filtered still and sparkling water on tap - plus teas and fresh micro-roaster coffee brewed by in-house baristas for free.

Buy a day pass for pay-as-you-go drop-in coworking

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$50/day per person (M-F, 9-5)

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Love our coffee? Need a regular place to work? Become a monthly coworking space member!

In addition to day passes, we also offer monthly coworking space membership.

Join us for 24/7 access to our call booths, lounges and hot desk spaces plus complimentary espresso bar service, invite-only event access & discounts on booking space for meetings & media productions.

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  • 24/7 access to our coworking space in Toronto

    Including 10,000 square feet of common work spaces, call booths and lounge space. Swipe in using an app on your phone - no keys or akward FOBs.

  • Complimentary cafe beverages

    With still and sparkling water on tap, looseleaf teas, fresh micro-roaster coffee and barista service with complimentary espresso drinks made through the week.

  • Exclusive social events

    Film screenings – including auteur classics and indie productions with Q&As, live jazz performances, boutique wine tastings and more!

  • Call Booths

    Access our call booths - conveniently located next to hot desks, to jump in and out of private spaces when you need to join a call.

  • Hot desks & lounge space

    Work from desks when you need to focus or choose our library lounge when you want a more casual day. Feel free to borrow our books or magazines and add to our library if you'd like.

  • Lockers

    We can assign you a locker to stash your belongings in over night.

We offer a unique on-demand workspace experience; because StartWell occupies full buildings right on King Street, you can walk straight into our campus and enjoy complimentary cafe drinks before settling into our cosy workspaces.

We've designed our groundfloor to include a variety of workspaces which you'll love - we have hot desks for focused tasks, call booths for video conferences and a lounge area to relax and work in.

You can choose to stay for the day using a coworking day pass when your team is meeting for just a few hours - come earlier than everyone else or stay a bit for that last cappuccino and email session :)

Book coworking days as a team building activity

Coworking in downtown Toronto can be a great way to get your company together - whether you are a remote-first, hybrid or in-person team. Not only do people love getting together in a new place to do their work but the fun activities you can plan - here at StartWell, as well as in the neighborhood (dinner out at restaurants? Ping pong? Escape rooms?)

StartWell has large suites available to book on demand which can accomodate team building activities - as well as just 'coworking days' when you want to have enough private space dedicated to your group.

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  • What is coworking?

    Simply put, when people work together in a common space but belong to different organizations/companies - that's coworking.

  • What is a hot desk?

    Hot desks are common desks which are shared by a coworking community - you can setup to work from the first one which you'd like to sit at if no one else is already using it.

  • Do coworking spaces in Toronto have offices for rent?

    Some do, at StartWell we have a limited number of office suites - as companies are choosing more on-demand ways of working, we have built out the best selection of meeting rooms and event venues in favor of offering offices.

  • What is a coworking 'day pass?'

    A day pass lets you visit our coworking space for a whole day to work (Monday to Friday, 9AM - 5PM.) This is a great way to self-organise fun work days together with friends or colleagues. Also, you can use day passes to test whether you want a monthly coworking membership.

  • What is a coworking space?

    Typically that's the name we give businesses who provide access to shared workspace, but who also value the power of community amongst their members and guests.

    Common spaces at a Coworking Space may include hot desks, lounge areas, call booths and other areas - at StartWell we also have a complimentary espresso bar people *love!*

  • Can I bring guests to a coworking space?

    At StartWell we ask that you either pay to book a meeting room when you are expecting guests or buy additional day passes here on our website for each guest meeting you.

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