Amplify your brand with awesome videos that people love watching.

You don't need to waste money or time producing films no one watches. Our studios division will turn your genius into great content easily and affordably.

A new way to produce thought leadership video and branded entertainment

Show up, step on stage and start recording; we take care of everything else.

Our studios are designed to comfortably host audiences in - so your content can be delivered as meetings or events. Simply present keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions or anything else and we can capture beautifully cinematic content from multiple camera angles.

With in-house cinematographers and post-production, we make sure your content looks and sounds like a million bucks, and is ready to post within days of shooting - if not live.

Choose a studio that fits your content delivery style

Our team handles basic setups or custom set decor and we have seating options to choose from.


Offsite Venue

Unique private suite with its own retail access from King Street, lounge setup, open concept bar with cold storage, flexible furnishing options for theatre/rows, workshops, cocktails and conferences. Full AV package with professional stage lighting, 2 large connected TVs, mic packages, PA, video conferencing and 3 whiteboards on wheels.

Example Footage: with VaynerMedia Canada

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Event Studio

Purpose-built facility for high impact visual presentations, live-streams/broadcasts and memorable corporate events. Detached building with parking on-site, 2 washrooms, open concept kitchenette, flexible furnishing options for theatre/rows, workshops, cocktails, conferences and media shoots. Full AV package with professional theatrical lighting and mics, 4 massive projectors, PA and video conferencing plus white boards on wheels.

Example Footage: Macleans Magazine →

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Don't need an in-room audience? Check out our video podcast workflow

For tight schedules and high volume content capture needs, our turn-key podcast studio delivers exceptional production quality with an amazing comfort level.

Guests and hosts enjoy barista service upon arrival, optional green room access plus headshots and takeaway video capture in our adjacent direct-to-camera studio.

Whether you need a single shoot done quickly or a bespoke solution - with creative strategy and post-production for a series, we can help make your show look and sound amazing whilst also helping narrative flow and audience connection.

Let's take your expertise, put it on camera & help amplify your brand today!

Its easy to deliver content on camera here - we focus on making your studio experience comfortabe and fun.

  • Roundtables

    Get multiple people around a single table; we capture all the action with a combination of angles to reveal personality and expression throughout.

  • Podcasts

    Our purpose built podcast studio is micro-soundstage for industry-leading audio quality, with multiple camera angles that can bring up to 5 people on camera together.

  • Panel Discussions

    Host discussions with a group of experts in front of a live studio audience (of up to 150 people.)

  • Interviews and Fireside Chats

    Conduct one-on-one interviews capturing each side of the table or with a variety of seating formats (just for camera or a live audience.)

  • Keynotes / Presentations

    Present content to camera using multiple custom setups; we can handle TV studio broadcast style or large-venue conference style (with massive floor to ceiling projections behind your speaker (and an optional in-room audience of up to 150 people.)

  • Direct-to-Camera pieces

    Whether in studio or using our selection of meeting rooms as locations, we shoot compelling addresses to camera using controlled environments as well as natural lighting.

  • Software walk-throughs

    Take sales prospects and customers through your product with a high quality recording of on-screen movements through software cut against multiple camera angles, with top tier lighting and audio to clearly communicate.

  • Masterclasses

    Leverage thought leadership within your organization to create inspiring and fun educational content.

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Let's work together

We take a strategic approach to creating content and can help you plan a media strategy as a first step, then develop specific film and even hybrid event projects as content capture opportunities tied to marketing and brand expression goals.