Delta Growth at Home

Delta Growth, a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, has always valued transparency and flexibility - things which have led them to become StartWell members and also to give their growing team options in how and where they are most comfortable and enabled to do amazing work for clients. The team's growth has seen them shift offices from a 4 person to 9 person to 20 person suite during their time with us - all through which they have only mandated one or two days per week to come together on campus. This culture of flexibility has meant that, leading into the global pandemic this March, their team was able to work remotely from their home offices without any down-time or need to figure anything out. In this photo series we take a look at some of Delta Growth's individual home offices - the gallery provides an intriguing exploration into each team member's own sense of comfort whilst at work.

Meeting room rentals at StartWell in Toronto

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