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Video Production for Human Resources

Our integrated studio model means that you can rely on built studio environments that are available to record in on-demand, with pre-configured equipment and production crew on staff.

StartWell's unique take on media production gives you an agile, always-on soluton in downtown Toronto to produce content when you need it - with extremely fast turn-around and cost-effective pricing.

Watch a recruiter's take on why video is so important for HR

This perspective comes from Adam Gellert - the Toronto based recruitment executive and founder of Linkus & Hipo

Videos can help improve internal communication

There are so many ways that you can use video to improve the way your team communicates internally, supporting all functions of your HR department - from talent acquisition to communication, retention and more.

  • Hiring

    Explain the roles you have open and who would best fit them on camera.

  • Meet the team members

    Give personality to your company by offering screentime to employees to introduce themselves.

  • New employee intros

    Let new hires express themselves and introduce what they are bringing to the role they have accepted plus their personality!

  • New employee onboarding

    Use video to run new hires through important training - technical or cultural, with assets that can be used as standard process for all hires, or unique to specific departments or roles.

  • Employee training

    Create materials that can be used multiple times to train new staff - with depth of content that extends beyond onboarding processes.

  • Health and safety

    Visually relate crucial information - anything from emergency wayfinding in an office environement to protocols for reporting concerns.

  • Announcements

    Using video to announce information relevant to full teams can develop more trust and attention that emails or simple text based documents.

  • Management updates

    Convey authenticity when management relates news or changes within the full company by having key management staff on camera to personally update the team/company.

  • Benefits Overview

    Benefits can be confusing. Instead of creating difficult to understand documentation - video can help you more easily explain what benefits staff can make use of, and where they can go to learn more.

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Video can also help your external/public voice

Representing the faces and voices of your team can relate a holistic picture of your company that immediately enables your brand and talent recruiting mandate.

  • Team member profiles

    It might be important for potential hires as well as other stakeholders - including customers and the general public to see who works at the company, and offer personality on camera with video introductions to each (key) staff member.

  • Recruiting Overview

    It helps to offer an introduction to what the company is looking for from their team - in human terms. This sort of position statement, delivered by HR leaders relates an authentic glimpse into the recruiting process and goals.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Representing diversity on camera gives potential hires an immediate understanding of the company's value for welcoming all people to its employee base.

  • Leadership

    Who runs the company and why are they excited to be part of it? Offering personal introduction videos can humanise the company and introduce leaders who otherwise may not often be available for in person meetings etc...

  • Social responsibility

    What is the company's larger role in society and how is that something which is owned and nurtured by staff? By giving them a visual identity it can enable the company brand.

  • Customer testimonials

    Relating the experiences of customers helps future client development/sales efforts and gives potential hires information about who the company helps and what they think of the company - hopefully encouraging new staff to engage in positive relationships through their work.

  • Company history

    Telling the foundation and growth story of a company on film makes it immediately relatable.

    Interviews with founders/leaders, early customers etc... can be cut against any found footage (video or photos) to create a compelling micro-documentary film.

  • Company mission & vision

    Offering a simple mission statement told by multiple staff can related a shared purpose.

    Explaining what may lie ahead for the company can help potential employees trust it with their future.

  • Company culture

    There are many ways to represent what is important to all employees at the company.

    Doing this builds trust with potential employees and can encourage them to be part of the team.

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