The easiest way to produce authentic content featuring people on camera, in downtown Toronto.

StartWell for Producers

We've built an integrated studio model that makes your life *so much* easier!

Located in downtown Toronto, StartWell houses 4 corporate video production studios - with equipment and crew to produce corporate content fast and on budget.

Our studios are designed to comfortably host audiences in - so your content can be delivered as meetings or events. Simply present keynotes, fireside chats, panel discussions or anything else and we can capture beautifully cinematic content from multiple camera angles.

Our in-house cinematographers and post-production team makes sure your content looks and sounds like a million bucks, streamed live or edited for publishing/broadcast at a later date.

Because our film production studios, staff crew and equipment is all in-house and pre-configured, your company can rest easy knowing that we're a one-stop-shop for all of your video needs... and that our pricing is honest and makes budgeting for video more affordable than ever.

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No setup or tear-down, we produce on-demand

StartWell has changed the game by making video production something you can book by the hour.

Our in-house production team is always available to shoot - and we own our own studios and equipment.... plus, its always on and pre-configured to shoot with a moment's notice!

Now your company can get new video assets produced whenever you need them - for any purpose.

Multiple studios, pre-configured - with lighting, microphones, cameras & crew!

You can choose from a variety of setups to shoot projects in, our team can help plan creative for any special set decoration requirements, or recommend turn-key stages to film client/talent.

Our technical production team handles camera and mic checks upon arrival and manages recording - you can be on site for shoots or dialled in with ultra high quality multi-cam private livestream links.

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    The Event Studio (Cyclorama)

    With a 16 foot high ceiling and walls that curve into the floor - this inspiring space provides an infinity backdrop and features built-in projection for immersive experiences.

    We record and stream all kinds of content here - and the venue has enough space to accomodate a live audience of 150 people with a hospitality space for socializing. Perfect for content focused events.

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  • Dedicated Offsite Venue

    Exposed brick, large windows (with blackouts), a bar, lounge furnishings and dedicated entrance on King Street West make this versatile space perfect for content and socializing.

    Ideal for thought leadership content, this intimate space is comfortable to socialize in and features great atmosphere for entertaining guests. An audience of 100 people can be seated for stage experiences.

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    Direct-to-Camera Studio

    Featuring options for carpets, paper backdrops and armchair furniture and controlled lighting to simulate natural daylight.

    Perfect for single person shoots, or interviews on camera with 2 people. This studio often is combined with our Podcast Studio - to record takeaways with guests that can help market episodes etc...

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    Podcast Studio

    For tight schedules and high volume content capture needs, our turn-key podcast studio delivers exceptional production quality with an amazing comfort level.

    Guests and hosts enjoy barista service upon arrival, optional green room access plus headshots and takeaway video capture in our adjacent direct-to-camera studio.

    Whether you need a single shoot done quickly or a bespoke solution - with creative strategy and post-production for a series, we can help make your show look and sound amazing whilst also helping narrative flow and audience connection.

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With always-on content studios, there are so many projects you can bring to life!

We help Producers create one-off and serialized content for all types of clients - corporate or otherwise. Here are our most popular recording formats, all of which work with our turn-key setups and production workflows.

  • Roundtables

    Get multiple people around a single table; we capture all the action with a combination of angles to reveal personality and expression throughout.

  • Podcasts

    Our purpose built podcast studio is micro-soundstage for industry-leading audio quality, with multiple camera angles that can bring up to 5 people on camera together.

  • Panel Discussions

    Host discussions with a group of experts in front of a live studio audience (of up to 150 people.)

  • Interviews and Fireside Chats

    Conduct one-on-one interviews capturing each side of the table or with a variety of seating formats (just for camera or a live audience.)

  • Keynotes / Presentations

    Present content to camera using multiple custom setups; we can handle TV studio broadcast style or large-venue conference style (with massive floor to ceiling projections behind your speaker (and an optional in-room audience of up to 150 people.)

  • Direct-to-Camera pieces

    Whether in studio or using our selection of meeting rooms as locations, we shoot compelling addresses to camera using controlled environments as well as natural lighting.

  • Software walk-throughs

    Take sales prospects and customers through your product with a high quality recording of on-screen movements through software cut against multiple camera angles, with top tier lighting and audio to clearly communicate.

  • Masterclasses

    Leverage thought leadership within your organization to create inspiring and fun educational content.

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  • Cameras

    We record in up to 6K and use a mixture of Canon DSLRs and Blackmagic cameras.

    Canon bodies offer amazing matched color and auto-focus for dynamic movement - allowing for multi-cam setups that can still utilize shallow depth of focus without being manned.

    Blackmagic 4K G2s are wall and ceiling mounted for standard position - combined with servo-zoom lenses and remote-controlled pan-tilt heads; so a single operator can control multiple cameras.

    For control on the floor, Pocket 6K cameras can plug into our broadcast package and wirelessly connect to video village.

    Both of our Canon DSLRs and Blackmagic 6ks use EF mounts - allowing interchangeability for all of our lenses.

  • Mics

    Each project has different needs for audio recording - so we have a dynamic set of microphones to be able to setup talent on the fly.

    • Wireless lav packs can be positioned on-body with clips or magnet mounts - or connect to over-ear or behind-head mics.
    • We also have wired and wireless handheld mic options - for conventional stage setups.
    • For podcasts, our professional vocal microphones offer a great range of tone
    • Shotguns can also be used on stand mounted boom arms to keep mics out of frame
  • Lighting

    Depending on the studio being shot in, we offer a mixture of ceiling or floor mounted fixtures with modifiers.

    Moving from hard to soft lighting is easy and can be planned for, as can color tonality.

    Our lights are all professional LED fixtures without fans - for silent operation that does not affect mic'd audio.

    Some setups also incorporate RGBW tubes and panels for adding color to atmosphere.

  • Broadcast & ISO Recordings

    Every recording setup at StartWell can instantly stream on virtually any platform.

    We can connect shoots to a multi-cam live stream for remote production, or broadcast color corrected, audio-processed stage presentations.

    All multi-cam setups are controlled through Blackmagic ATEM switchers that offer instant color correction and audio processing for broadcast.

    We also offer live camera cuts and record ISO files on SSD - to deliver post-recording on hard drives or through digital download over the Internet. ISO files include seperate files per microphone, camera and a live-mix (with edited file and daVinci Resolve project file to take into post-production.)

  • Audio Mix

    Recordings can be mixed down live; microphones are connected to multi-channel mixers for direct (out-of-camera) recording in WAV format.

    Live processing through our Blackmagic Fairlight system usually entails a mix of echo-management, noise-gate, compression etc for broadcast-ready audio.

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Props, Stills & BTS

Our range of furnishings can add character on stage - with seating options for talent on camera as well as to accomodate for guests on set or audience members (for live events.)

We also have options for set dressing - from flexible partitioning, to paper roll, to pipe and drape.

For every project, we can arrange for BTS video plus stills capture - to document the recording but also to create additional assets. We use Canon DSLRs for still photography and have a 4-light GODOX 600W flash kit (with modifiers and stands.)

Let's work together!