Team building activities - painting in the Event Studio [with video]

Video recap of a recent painting team building activity in the Event Studio at StartWell

If you are looking for fun ways to bring your company together for interactive events we really think you should consider painting. There are a number of ways to do these events - from everyone working on a small part of a painting individually, then combining them into a larger work (like a puzzle) to an instructor demonstrating how to make a work and then having everyone do their own impression of it.

Painting is a great team building activity - its a chance for employees or any other company group to do something fun together, and socialize around a common activity.

With all sizes of venues to book online and on demand in downtown Toronto, StartWell offers an easy and affordable option for programming team building activities like painting.

What is a painting team building activity?

Simply put, when you gather your company's people together to create art using paint!

Normally, you'd hire an instructor for the event who would arrive early, set up workstations for each participant - with things like canvases and brushes (as well as paint for sharing) and they would teach a whole class of your colleagues how to make a painting.

Of course, doing this in Toronto at StartWell takes it to another level of fun - with live camera projections that help show what the instructor is doing and what participants are making (on screens and projected surfaces!)

Why are team building activities like painting important?

Providing work colleagues with a shared experience that doesn't only require talking can take the edge off of social engagements.

Do team building activities build trust?

Team building activities shouldn't be designed to develop skills as a rule but encourage exploration and fun - because people are doing fun things together, they naturally end up socializing in a relaxed way where they can express themselves freely - and that in turn can develop greater trust amongst a team.

How can I plan a team building painting event?

You can hire an instructor to come anywhere in downtown Toronto - so its important to find a space which lets your team socialize, enjoy food and drink and that has enough space for moving around with flexibility to get a little messy

At StartWell (located downtown on King Street West), there are three large venues to consider for team building activities:

  1. The StartWell Event Studio
  2. Offsite Venue
  3. Third Floor (offsite and education/classroom space)

Photos of a recent team building painting activity with KOHO

This session was held in our Event Studio in downtown Toronto - a lovely large space that can accomodate up to 100 people at tables in a single room!

Meeting room rentals at StartWell in Toronto

Book any of our meeting rooms or venues on-demand for small or large company gatherings. We include presentation technology with complimentary barista service and a great vibe that your team will love.

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