The StartWell Event Studio is Toronto’s dedicated hybrid event venue for impactful presentations and cinematic broadcasts.

A unique standalone event venue – pre-configured for professional media productions with in-room seating for 100 audience members plus extra space for catering, networking socials and more.

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Welcome to a truly stunning event venue – designed to enable a new type of modern corporate event. StartWell’s Event Studio enables companies to bring people together in person for conferences, talks, workshops, training seminars, socials or anything else, and share roundtables or stage presentations through engaging cinematic broadcasts which use Netflix grade equipment and our own in-house production team.

The venue is intimate yet large – offering our broadcast studio as well as an open concept lounge/reception area to entertain guests with hospitality through cocktail hours, custom dining setups and so on.

We’ve even included an on-site bar so that your guests can enjoy amazing cappuccinos crafted by our staff baristas.

Optional Extras
We’ve designed the AV on site to enable self-driven event productions, or more robust experiences involving our in-house media and hospitality teams. Rent the building and get going, or choose to engage us for any of the following optional extras.

  • Photography – Our photographers don’t watermark their shots and let you do whatever you’d like with photos captured at your event.
  • Live Streams & Film Production – our managed services team can produce content for live streaming or post-production using our Blackmagic studio suite in 1080 or 4K with up to 4 cameras simultaneously recording.
  • Catering & Food service – We can recommend solutions or you can simply use your own caterer for no extra fees!
  • Open Bar & Premium Coffee – Featuring house red and white wine plus craft beer, espresso drinks and serving staff as needed.
  • Extra Space – We can accessorise venue booking with overflow space or additional work and meeting space around the corner at StartWell’s main King Street buildings.

PHOTOS: Event venue (presentation area)

This awe-inspiring space can seat over 100 people whilst providing enough space for a theatrically lit stage. We have tall ceilings with rigged lighting equipment as well as projectors – so you can get media assets for branding or to support presentations on the walls easily.

The walls in our presentation space are specially curved; at their corner and into the floor – this unique finish enables a shadowless effect which expands space to create an infinity backdrop behind presenters. With or without our massive projections on the wall, talks will feel intimate whilst offering atmosphere for guests which feels comfortable yet commands attention.

PHOTOS: Entrance/reception area to the event venue building (w/open concept kitchen, meeting, dining & lounge space)

Our open concept kitchen and espresso bar is at the building’s entrance and enough space flanks either side of the doors for guest registration or lounge setups. Once you enter, grab a drink from a bartender or barista and head into a large open space for networking. This lounge area features modular furniture for custom setups; including couches on wheels, folding tables and chairs as well as high tops (everything’s already onsite and included with rental.)

The back of this reception space also features a large screen for presentations, branding or a live camera feed from the main studio space – so even if guests leave their seats to grab a snack or drink they can keep watching your content as it unfolds on stage.

Video walkthrough

360 Degree virtual tour

Hybrid event venue features


  • Ground Floor
  • 3,500sf. Single Floor Detached Building
  • 2,000sf. CYC Studio w/Broadcast + Production Mezzanine
  • 1,000sf. Kitchen/Dining/Lounge/HMUA Area
  • 2 Washrooms
  • 4 Parking Spots on Front Pad

Studio specifications

  • 2,000sf. Moulded Corner Cyc (42’x27′ running length walls)
  • 17′ Ceilings
  • Truss (Mounted In Structural Beams)
  • Blackout Windows + 6 Blackout Skylights
  • Concrete Floors (painted white)
  • In-room sound, lighting and visual projection with mic and camera options for livestreams and recordings

Capacity & furnishings

Event venue rental comes with the ability to use our folding furniture on either side of the building – so you can host table or row-style presentations in the studio, and then use the main cafe/flex space for dining, open concept breakout sessions, evening cocktails etc…

Folding furniture available on-site (included with rental)

  • 8 Round tables (white) – 4 person, 48″ diameter
  • 20 Rectangular tables (black) – 8 person, 72″x30″
  • 100 folding chairs (black)

Table seating options in the studio

  • Workshop/Bench style (single sided) – 6 rows of 3 tables = 54 people
  • Long rows (double sided) – 3 rows of 6 tables = 108 people
  • Seperated tables, length-wise (seating all around) – 3 rows of 4 tables + 2 extra tables on end = 112 people
  • ‘O’ shaped conference setup – 14 tables in an oval = 42 people

Event venue floorplan / layout

StartWell's Event Studio - Floorplan

Client Experiences