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The best podcast studio in Toronto, hands down.   Our team handles everything - from editorial to production, so that you can focus on showing up for shoots excited to speak with your guests.

Get in touch for a more custom end-to-end show development package, or simply book recording hours with our in-house producer below.

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Much more than just a podcast studio for rent in downtown Toronto

StartWell has created the easiest way to conceive of, produce and publish video podcasts - with extremely high quality.

Our integrated approach involves dedicated studio space with custom-configured equipment managed by an in-house team of professional filmmakers and broadcast producers.

We can develop and package your show - optionally coaching your host, sourcing guests to interview and more - plus of course, recording episodes at our studios to then handle post production and publishing to all the platforms your audience loves watching content on.

Watch an introduction by our Founder, Qasim Virjee

  • Recording-only

    If you have a simple need to record one or just a few films with us, we can simply book you for recording sessions @ $750/hr (including raw files from all cameras and microphones, license-free - transferred on SSDs post-session or uploaded to the cloud.)

  • Custom Packages

    Our full-service offering includes pre-production and creative planning, production and even post-production/editing + publishing (of video and audio files to multiple podcast platforms - including Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Podcasts and more.)

Our process starts with an initial discovery call to discuss what your aims and resources are, from there we’ll plan creative and schedule recording sessions in person at our professional studio on King Street West in Toronto.

Our podcast studio equipment

From lighting to sound to video capture and display – this studio is fully pre-configured and ready to record in!

  • Lighting

    • Godox fanless + silent spotlights (UL150C ceiling mounted: KEY = Octabox with two diffusion layers with velcro plus optional honeycomb grid, 3x UL60C FILL = Diffusion socks with barn-doors and honeycomb grids for focus.)
    • Aputure RGBw panel for accent lighting effect
    • 4 RGBW tube lights as practicals - for optional background and atmospheric color
  • Sound

    • RØDECaster Pro – four microphone inputs with studio-grade preamps for recording crystal-clear audio, smartphone, USB, and Bluetooth channels for seamlessly integrating remote guests, eight sound pads for triggering music and sound effects, powerful audio processing at the touch of a button and so much more.
    • Shure Professional XLR vocal microphones with table stands & options for wireless lav or boundary mics
    • 2x B&W reference monitor speakers (w/amp for in-room audio playback)
  • Video

    • Multiple Canon 90D DSLR cameras w/HDMI (output to switcher)
    • Wide and telephoto premium Canon lenses (as productions require)
    • Auto slider w/return motion and optional arc – for extending wide angle space on camera and visual dynamism
    • Blackmagic ATEM Extreme Pro ISO switcher (for live camera switching and streaming + ISO recording to SSD via USB-C)
    • Reference monitor/screen (for teleprompting, video conferencing and software walkthroughs)
    • Reference monitor screens, one for on-camera branding/visuals

Conveniently located in downtown Toronto

At StartWell's main campus on the 2nd floor - come in, grab a complimentary cappuccino and head into recording sessions upstairs.

786 King Street West, 2nd Floor

See a sample podcast episode recorded at our studio

A full service podcast studio experience

Our custom built studio environment enables on-demand podcast recording sessions that can be recorded using multiple cameras and mics, with zero setup time and world-class production quality.

In addition to being able record professional sounding and looking content, we offer full-service show production that can include the following:

Foundational Elements (once per show)

  • Show Development (making sure that your show has character and branding whilst appealing to a defined audience)
  • Episode Mapping (creating an action plan to engage listeners - planning out the ideal topic matter per episode so that the audience is excited for each additional episode release)
  • Podcast Artwork (crafting the visual assets which represent the show to use as cover art on websites and through distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and more)
  • Theme Music (sourcing original or stock music for intro/title themes and common moments in episodes)
  • Host Coaching (working with your host to ensure their presence on mic and on camera is natural, easy and fun - in turn to ensure the ease and comfort of guests on the show)
  • Syndication (RSS) Feed Setup (with publishing/distribution channel accounts.)


  • Sourcing show guests(we can help find great guests that raise the profile of shows and help expand your reach whilst aiding the series' narrative arc.)
  • Pre-interview (preparing guests and hosts for conversations before they are recorded.)
  • Script re-writing for broadcast/'the ear' (our team can edit your introductory remarks per guest to best present them and appeal to audiences.)
  • Develop question lines for host (we can plan for the best things to ask of guests in order to draw out stories on mic)


  • Recording (we record episodes in person in our physical studio on King Street in downtown Toronto - capturing video and audio from multiple camera angles)


  • Editing podcast episodes (creating cinematic edits - coloring footage + cutting between camera angles and mixing down the audio tracks.) Note: we usually cut a video recording of the full episode and then an audio version of that - so you can publish your podcast as a video series seperately from an audio show (and reach a larger total podcast audience)
  • Editing clips (we create compelling clips to promote full episodes on social media, and to highlight the best moments of your episodes for you to publish in any way you need to)
  • Upload and publishing (sending video and audio files to various distribution channels - to make sure your podcast makes its way to any channel your audiences enjoys content)
  • Meta-tagging (we craft custom titles, descriptions and excerpt copy to annotate episodes when publishing - for SEO etc)
  • Transcription (our human team can manually transcribe your content to ensure that transcripts are readable for accesibility and SEO)
  • SEO-friendly show notes (custom articles crafted from the transcript of the show to post as independant blog posts or anything else)

Frequently asked questions

What hotels are nearby StartWell?

Here are some Toronto hotels close to StartWell which we recommend considering for out-of-towners meeting at our campus.Toronto’s Drake Hotel – a short walk from StartWell along Queen Street West, steps from the Ossington strip where some of the city’s best new bars and restaurants draw evening crowds.

There are great hotel options very close to our campus on King Street West in downtown Toronto.  You can choose conventional options in the financial core, practical rooms across from the island airport, luxury boutique high-rises near theatres along King Street or something a little more artsy and funky a short walk from us.

Here are some Toronto hotels near StartWell which we recommend considering for out-of-towners meeting at our campus.

Artsy/Funky Hotels

The Drake Hotel – Toronto’s first true boutique hotel – located close to us on Queen Street West, was one of the first art-scene focused establishments in the neighbourhood to bring change without trying to be at odds with history. We love this hotel and recommend it for food, drinks and entertainment (their basement is home to a lovely venue that has music shows, comedy and all sorts of things happening through the year and they have a lovely rooftop bar for summer months.)

Ace Hotel Toronto – The Ace Hotel is a brand new (in 2022) build located a short walk from our campus in a bustling neighbourhood featuring some of the city’s best shopping, restaurants and cultural highlights. The hotel features great dining in options plus event programming.

Gladstone House – This historic property used to be ‘the other boutique hotel’ on Queen street – a stone’s throw from the Drake, with honest and simple offerings which honoured the city ‘s artistic community and neighbourhoods edgy vibe. Recently revamped, its great location makes it a consideration if you want to explore some of the city’s best dining and entertainment on Queen Street or Ossington Street around the corner.

Bisha – This ‘luxury boutique’ hotel is a short walk from StartWell towards the city’s financial core and its wealth of conventional hotels. The Bisha has great dining options and a fun nightlife atmosphere.


Shangri-La Toronto – With an excellent spa and great restaurants (including Momofuku Noodle Bar) plus Toronto’s SOHO House Club, musicians in the lobby bar and a great location – across the road from Toronto’s Opera House (the Four Seasons Centre), there is a lot to offer here.

Ritz-Carlton Toronto – This recently built hotel is close by – walking distance from our campus and surrounded by the city’s classic theatre row on King Street. It features lake views from upper rooms and an excellent steak house.


1 Hotel Toronto – Previously incarnated as the Thompson Hotel, the 1 Hotel Toronto has been completely renovated and now features lush plants and a tropical vibe.

Hotel X – A great option if you are flying in and out of the Toronto Island Airport, this large hotel faces the lake and is right next to the highway.

How does catering work at StartWell?

When you book meeting or event space at StartWell in downtown Toronto, you can choose the catering company you prefer.

You are welcome to use any caterer you prefer to work with when you book meeting or event space at StartWell – from UberEats for small gatherings to organising for served meals or buffets for full team offsites etc…

We’ve had great experience in the past with these companies and do recommend reaching out to them:

The Food Dudes ( – reliable service for individual meals or shared or served menus - of all types of cuisines. Great for complete catering solutions.

InWit ( - honest food and pricing, with all types of cuisines arriving hot and fresh from local restaurant partners, in sustainable packaging. Best for per-person lunch solutions.

MadRadish ( - great options for healthy food!

What are the house rules on campus?

Here are the top level rules that help us maintain a safe and clean space for members and guests.

While at StartWell, you must:

  • Be respectful
  • Try to be helpful
  • Keep our campus as you found it – clean up after yourself
  • Leave garbage and recycling in bins provided
  • Not do anything illegal
  • Not bring any animals with you or let them into the buildings (sorry – we love pets but don’t allow them due to allergies and cleanliness)
  • Leave dishes which you can’t wash in the grey bins provided at wet areas (reception and next to sinks in large meeting venues)
  • Never use our espresso machine or computer equipment without approvals – that includes not going behind the concierge/cafe desk
  • Always ask for permission before filming or otherwise recording content of any media which captures the interior of StartWell. Typically, no content may be recorded in our common spaces (outside of rented/booked meeting rooms) and no furnishings may be moved to accomodate film or photo shoots without prior approval from management

Campus location and car parking

Our campus on King Street does not have a parking lot, but there is plenty of street parking in our neighbourhood.

Free 1hr street parking and paid parking lots are available. Note - King St typically does not allow parking past 3pm (during rush hour.)

We are minutes away from the financial core and Union Station, close to the Exhibition GO station and just off Lakeshore Boulevard + the Gardiner Expressway.

Directly across the street from our King St buildings (entrance from Tecumseth, south of King Street) is a paid underground parking lot operated by Upark. You can drive into the lot and pay hourly, daily or monthly from meters near the elevator entrances in the lot itself. When you walk up to the exit at street level you’ll be directly across the road from our King Street buildings.

If you've booked our Event Studio you will however have 4 parking spaces on the lot included with rental - just in front of the building. Please note: unless you've booked this building you *cannot* park at this location.

Can I really book entire film productions on your website?

Yes, absolutely! We're dead set on changing the way the corporate film industry works.

We can also tell you - its not been easy to build this amazing new studio model, but we've been improving things here in downtown Toronto at StartWell since 2017 and have a ton of experience that has informed how we operate our integrated studio model.

To book a shoot, simply choose the look you like from our 4 main studio setups; then select a shoot date and duration and check out - you can even select options for us to edit/post-produce the shoot for you.

Our creative planning team is available at any point - before or immediately after you book, to talk through your needs and wants, and this will help us make the experience smooth and fun for you.

On your shoot day - simply show up camera ready and our expert production team will make sure you look and sound great!

We have washrooms, green rooms, meeting and work space as well as barista service - so feel free to come early or bring members of your support team to shoots with you :)

Do you produce Talking Head videos?

Yes, that phrase can be confusing - but one thing we are *awesome* at is filming scenes and projects with one or more people, in conversation.

You can be in conversation with an audience on the other side of the camera lens, or with members of your team or partners or anyone else around a table. No matter who you need to talk to, we can apply cinematography to capture highly engaging videos that help you share your conversation.

What is 'Corporate Video?'

That's a tough one to answer - we think it can be so many things... better put - companies can use video to tell all kinds of stories.

We think video has a unique power to enable your brand to be more relatable, characteristic and expressive. The video we produce here at StartWell empowers your team to be voices for your company - humanizing any area of your business that can help your mandate; from Investor Relations, to Marketing to Talent Acquisition, Staff Training and beyond.

What is an 'integrated studio?'

At StartWell, we've brought together a bunch of things that are normally sourced from multiple vendors when you need to produce a shoot - physical studio space, a crew of film producers/directors/technicians and the equipment needed to light, stage and record video.

This type of integrated approach is rare for corporate content - and we've even taken it a step further by undertaking creative planning and post-production/editing, all in house here at StartWell in downtown Toronto!

This holistic approach to content production has a ton of value - including:

  • Cost savings to client
  • Clearer internal and external communication
  • Agility (as soon as you're ready to jump in front of a camera, you can book your shoot here and we'll be ready to produce it!)
  • Ability - because our staff producers all know each other, the environment they work in and the tools they use, they have super powers that crews who are hired for the day on rental equipment just don't have.

Book the look you like!

Choose a setup, check availability & book your production online

Yes, you read that correctly - any of these looks are available to book here on our website. Click into each to learn more about the studio setup and see a demo video, then book your production whenever you want.

Our creative strategy team will be in touch as soon as you book, and you can always schedule a tour or call before booking.

  • Masterclass

    Built for inspired 'edu-tainment.'

    With a 16 foot high ceiling and walls that curve into the floor - this inspiring space provides an infinity backdrop and features built-in projection for immersive experiences.

    We offer furnishing choices to help characterize your brand on camera and can accomodate multiple people and unique setups here; with a single presenter and supporting visuals - or multiple people in roundtable discussion and other formats.

    Learn more & book online 
  • Simulated Daylight Interview

    For personable content featuring one or two people on camera.

    This studio introduces familiarity on camera - with simulated daylight.

    Now you can record content any time to release during the day, and have audience immediately relate. We offer flexibility to change furniture and other set decoration to create custom looks (e.g. home office, living room etc...)

    Learn more & book online 
  • Workshop

    With multiple options for presenting content on camera - digitally through slides as well as on paper or whiteboard.

    This studio ensures that educators can articulate clearly and that anything presented is captured in high definition.

    You can optionally record with a live audience of up to 100 people.

    Learn more & book online 
  • Podcast

    Perfect for direct-to-camera pieces, one-on-one interviews or even roundtable discussions for up to 5 people on camera at once.

    Our Podcast Studio is a uniquely matte-black micro-soundstage with custom branding options and up to 7 camera angles.

    Learn more & book online 

We also have meeting & event spaces you can book online

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