Audio visual considerations for live broadcasted events

At StartWell we’re big fans of creating compelling content experiences – so when we hear that clients are presenting interesting topics on stage in events hosted on campus, we see a lot of opportunity in recording talks for sharing after the fact as well as to live broadcast.

However, live broadcasting your event doesn’t need to only be about sharing presented materials with an audience not physically in the room.

Consider the possibility of sharing the feeling in the room along with the presented materials – this is something our in-house media production agency is expert at. With every hybrid event produced at StartWell, our goal is to relate the experience of the event through the screen, and we use a few tricks to achieve this:

  1. Ensure audio clarity – often cases, people in the room can hear without a PA system amplifying voices of presenters, but people online won’t be able to. We think its not only for our sound engineers to include the audio of voices on stage using premium microphones but also to mic the room itself; relating laughter from the people gathered for example.
  2. Representing the room on screen – we typically employ at least 4 camera angles for broadcasts; this gives people watching on screens a clear perspective of the stage and also the audience within the room itself – adding excitement for the people dialling in remotely.
  3. Representing the screen in-room – there are many ways to display remote speakers for an in-room audience; sometimes we use large projections, other times a TV on the stage etc… Different events require different scales of presence for remote speakers and when in-room presenters are directly engaging the remote guest its important for us to setup cameras that offer remote guests a natural angle of view to the faces of those whom they are addressing.

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