We are Toronto’s integrated studio for filmed conversation – podcasts, broadcasts and everything in between.

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Great conversations deserve an audience.

Whether its streamed live or recorded for post-publishing, our cinematic productions bring audiences into the room.

Now, you can give your community a seat at the table using high quality video – and grow that community on any publishing platform.

Using long-form conversational recordings, our post-production team can prepare medium and short form edits to reach audiences on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or any other platform.

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Our approach and focus

Through live experiences, broadcasts and linear production, StartWell offers an integrated approach to sharing stories which brings professional equipment, studio spaces and filmmakers under one roof.

Because we own our equipment, run our own purpose-built studio facilities and employ a full time team of professional media producers, we can develop high end content with speed and agility, empowering any organisational need – from investor relations to internal communications to marketing.

Our end-to-end production model is perfect for these specific types of content:

  • Roundtables – Get multiple people around a single table; we capture all the action with a combination of angles to reveal personality and expression throughout.
  • Podcasts – Our purpose built podcast studio is micro-soundstage for industry-leading audio quality, with multiple camera angles that can bring up to 5 people on camera together.
  • Panel Discussions – Host discussions with a group of experts in front of a live studio audience (of up to 100 people!)
  • Interviews and Fireside Chats – Conduct one-on-one interviews capturing each side of the table or with a variety of seating formats (just for camera or a live audience.)
  • Keynotes / Presentations – Present content to camera using multiple custom setups; we can handle TV studio broadcast style or large-venue conference style (with massive floor to ceiling projections behind your speaker (and an optional in-room audience of up to 100 people.)
  • Direct-to-Camera pieces – Whether in studio or using our selection of meeting rooms as locations, we shoot compelling addresses to camera using controlled environments as well as natural lighting.
  • Software walk-throughs – Take sales prospects and customers through your product with a high quality recording of on-screen movements through software cut against multiple camera angles, with top tier lighting and audio to clearly communicate.

From the Magazine

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Where we produce – our two main studios

Truly unique in Canada, our purpose-built media production studios are pre-configured for unique production work-flows. At StartWell Studios, there’s no set-up or tear-down time for lighting, microphones and cameras; its all pre-configured and ready to go live!

StartWell's Event Studio in downtown Toronto offers a turn-key facility for in person, virtual and hybrid events

Event Studio

Bring your content to stage. This stand-alone building has enough space for seating 100 people for an exceptional audience experience – with extra room for social hours and dining. Our on-site espresso bar elevates hospitality.

Professional broadcasts and recordings of stage presentations look amazing and our in-house production team manages everything from lighting and microphones to live edits using multiple camera angles.

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StartWell offers a turn-key professional quality video podcast solution

Video Podcast Studio

An easy solution for one-off or serialised shows!. Located on King Street West in downtown Toronto, hosts and guests find us easily and we have plenty of space to prepare before your shoot come early settle in and enjoy a delicious Barista beverage at our complimentary reception Cafe before heading up to record with our in-house production team.

Our signature black-background podcast studio is fully configured with multi-camera technology, theatrical lighting and mic options so you’ll always look and sound great every time!

See the podcast studio

You can also rent our cyclorama photo studio for your own commercial shoot

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Book our entire studio building exclusively – its the perfect place to produce killer content – with a massive white 2-wall cyclorama + cove with talent/holding space (with makeup mirrors & directors chairs), 2 washrooms, an espresso bar and client lounge – plus parking!

The building has two sets of doors and you can load equipment directly from parking into our massive white cyclorama. The studio has tall ceilings for sets plus load bearing truss to rig lighting equipment.

See our photo studio