Simple tips to help plan meetings for impact

Start with the basics: Ask yourself three simple questions: why, who, and what.

Get clear on the purpose of the meeting. Jot down the exact reason you’re having it and why it’s important. Determine the type of meeting you need, whether it’s a discussion, brainstorming session, or even a team-building activity. Your preparations will depend on the meeting’s purpose, so be sure to make it crystal clear.

Choose your attendees wisely. Make a list of people who are essential to achieving your meeting’s goal. Consider inviting those who can provide valuable insights and expertise for the discussion. Remember, it’s crucial to respect everyone’s time, so only invite those who truly need to be there. If you need professional input, you can invite an expert for only a specific part of the discussion. Keep the group size small to avoid unnecessary arguments and ensure constructive conclusions that satisfy all participants. While your work buddy might be great for support, don’t invite them just for emotional reasons.

Plan out what you’ll do during the meeting. Create an agenda to guide the discussion and keep everyone focused. The agenda should outline each part of the meeting. Also, think about the meeting’s duration. Remember, the agenda isn’t the same as a program or detailed schedule. You can fine-tune the specifics later.

By following these steps, you’ll be well-prepared to make a bigger impact with your next meeting. So go ahead and ace it!

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