Supercharge your meeting’s productivity potential

You can maximize the potential of your meeting with a few simple steps that will ensure productivity for those gathering:

  1. Assign specific roles. A well-defined division of responsibilities ensures a smoother meeting flow. Choose a facilitator to lead the discussion and keep everyone on track with the agenda. Designate a scribe to capture key points and decisions for future reference and follow-up. A timekeeper will help you stay within time limits and avoid excessive focus on unplanned topics. Lastly, a decision-maker will weigh all perspectives and make final decisions. Informed participants who actively contribute to the discussion will keep the meeting dynamic and productive.
  2. Harness the power of technology. Take advantage of various tools and apps to enhance both the planning process and the meeting itself. Visual aids can capture attendees’ attention and facilitate understanding. Utilize technology to invite experts or connect employees from different branches of your organization. If you intend to incorporate specific apps or tools during the meeting, ensure participants are familiar with them or provide a brief explanation. We highly recommend using a cloud collaboration platform like Google Meet to dial in remote participants or just be able to ensure everyone in the room can share their screens when they need to – and record the digital footprint (and audio, or even video) of an event – whether its virtual, hybrid or only IRL.
  3. Optimize the seating arrangement. The right seating plan can greatly impact your team’s productivity and overall outcomes. Think about whether you want people to sit facing each other at a single table, split into different groups at tables or mix seating formats to ensure maximum comfort during your meeting – and offer variety to help people stay engaged through the day.

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