What the co-founders of the world's best snoring solution think of StartWell Studios

Smart Nora makes the world's best anti-snoring solution.

We recently welcomed the company's co-founders to our cyclorama studio to get their thoughts on working with our end-to-end media production unit here at StartWell.


Behrouz Hariri - So Nara is a contact resolution for snoring. It's something that we came up with to first address our own problem with snoring. What we do is we listen to the snoring sound, but we move your pillow before it wakes up your partner. Our job is to stop the snoring before it disturb the piece. Yeah, I would say starting Nora, in Toronto, one, we had a deep network already here, through the startup kind of ecosystem here, actually, we have us start well as a co working space, which just had a lot to draw on. When we needed resources and advice and friends. For a longest time, we actually had an office right across from St. Paul. And we would always use the start was kind of a spillover. And then when we went fully remote start role became a place for us to have our quarterly meetings to do our photoshoots actually with us, the main office and now we're using the startled studios pretty great to have something right downtown, with great equipment with super friendly people who put us in a great mood when we are in front of the camera.

Behzad Hariri - This was the easiest, I guess, recording we've done over the past few years. Because all the setup was done, we usually do it a bit more complex where we bring the sound guy, the camera guy, but being able to just show up the only thing we have to focus our lines,

Behrouz Hariri - which we still had a hard time. So it's good to just have lines,

Behzad Hariri - I think definitely give it a try.

Behrouz Hariri - I will say the cool thing is you have not only a big studio, but you have a whole side space. So think we were like right after we saw this place we were thinking this would be really cool for a party that you can capture a lot of interesting things you can almost throw a party in the studio, which is pretty cool. We can have the best lit party, you can have a lit party.

Yeah, so I think it's a really nice setup. So you can have a whole kind of event running on the side and maybe grab people do some photo shoots even do some video capture. It's a nice combo to happen.

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