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About our Workshop Presentation (Video Production) Studio

With multiple options for presenting content on camera - digitally through slides as well as on paper or whiteboard.

This studio ensures that educators can articulate clearly and that anything presented is captured in high definition.

You can optionally record with a live audience of up to 100 people.

Interested in having us produce content in this studio for you? Here's how it looks

Engage people with your brand through cinematic storytelling.

StartWell's 4 downtown Toronto studios are pre-configured with lighting, sound and camera equipment run by staff filmmakers.

This integrated approach to film-making brings a Hollywood studio model to corporate content - we make cinematic films that present your story with production value that can't be achieved on location in an office etc...

This 'one-stop-shop' solution saves companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual media budget and delivers reliably professional content that looks, sounds and feels great.

Frequently asked questions

Can I really book entire film productions on your website?

Yes, absolutely! We're dead set on changing the way the corporate film industry works.

We can also tell you - its not been easy to build this amazing new studio model, but we've been improving things here in downtown Toronto at StartWell since 2017 and have a ton of experience that has informed how we operate our integrated studio model.

To book a shoot, simply choose the look you like from our 4 main studio setups; then select a shoot date and duration and check out - you can even select options for us to edit/post-produce the shoot for you.

Our creative planning team is available at any point - before or immediately after you book, to talk through your needs and wants, and this will help us make the experience smooth and fun for you.

On your shoot day - simply show up camera ready and our expert production team will make sure you look and sound great!

We have washrooms, green rooms, meeting and work space as well as barista service - so feel free to come early or bring members of your support team to shoots with you :)

Do you produce Talking Head videos?

Yes, that phrase can be confusing - but one thing we are *awesome* at is filming scenes and projects with one or more people, in conversation.

You can be in conversation with an audience on the other side of the camera lens, or with members of your team or partners or anyone else around a table. No matter who you need to talk to, we can apply cinematography to capture highly engaging videos that help you share your conversation.

What is 'Corporate Video?'

That's a tough one to answer - we think it can be so many things... better put - companies can use video to tell all kinds of stories.

We think video has a unique power to enable your brand to be more relatable, characteristic and expressive. The video we produce here at StartWell empowers your team to be voices for your company - humanizing any area of your business that can help your mandate; from Investor Relations, to Marketing to Talent Acquisition, Staff Training and beyond.

What is an 'integrated studio?'

At StartWell, we've brought together a bunch of things that are normally sourced from multiple vendors when you need to produce a shoot - physical studio space, a crew of film producers/directors/technicians and the equipment needed to light, stage and record video.

This type of integrated approach is rare for corporate content - and we've even taken it a step further by undertaking creative planning and post-production/editing, all in house here at StartWell in downtown Toronto!

This holistic approach to content production has a ton of value - including:

  • Cost savings to client
  • Clearer internal and external communication
  • Agility (as soon as you're ready to jump in front of a camera, you can book your shoot here and we'll be ready to produce it!)
  • Ability - because our staff producers all know each other, the environment they work in and the tools they use, they have super powers that crews who are hired for the day on rental equipment just don't have.

Book the look you like!

Choose a setup, check availability & book your production online

Yes, you read that correctly - any of these looks are available to book here on our website. Click into each to learn more about the studio setup and see a demo video, then book your production whenever you want.

Our creative strategy team will be in touch as soon as you book, and you can always schedule a tour or call before booking.

  • Masterclass

    Built for inspired 'edu-tainment.'

    With a 16 foot high ceiling and walls that curve into the floor - this inspiring space provides an infinity backdrop and features built-in projection for immersive experiences.

    We offer furnishing choices to help characterize your brand on camera and can accomodate multiple people and unique setups here; with a single presenter and supporting visuals - or multiple people in roundtable discussion and other formats.

    Learn more & book online 
  • Simulated Daylight Interview

    For personable content featuring one or two people on camera.

    This studio introduces familiarity on camera - with simulated daylight.

    Now you can record content any time to release during the day, and have audience immediately relate. We offer flexibility to change furniture and other set decoration to create custom looks (e.g. home office, living room etc...)

    Learn more & book online 
  • Workshop

    With multiple options for presenting content on camera - digitally through slides as well as on paper or whiteboard.

    This studio ensures that educators can articulate clearly and that anything presented is captured in high definition.

    You can optionally record with a live audience of up to 100 people.

    Learn more & book online 
  • Podcast

    Perfect for direct-to-camera pieces, one-on-one interviews or even roundtable discussions for up to 5 people on camera at once.

    Our Podcast Studio is a uniquely matte-black micro-soundstage with custom branding options and up to 7 camera angles.

    Learn more & book online 

We also have meeting & event spaces you can book online

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