Schwarzkopf Professional - Case study of our Event Studio for Training Workshop Events

For the first time, Schwarzkopf Professional was able to bring artists, educators and influencers together in downtown Toronto (Canada) thanks to the versatility which StartWell's Event Studio provides.

This event almost didn't happen until Schwarzkopf found StartWell and worked with our team to plan necessary logistics - it turned out that our Event Studio uniquely had everything this event format needed, in a single place.

Here are just a few of the reasons which enabled the event's blend of hands on training with hair models, presentations and workshops:

  • With 2 main large spaces at the venue, social time and meals could take place separately from training sessions
  • Our dedicated electrical panel for high-powered usage in the studio ensured that haircare professionals could use up to 14 full-powered hair dryers at the same time, with plenty of additional power for other appliances used in training sessions
  • The venue comes with technical production support for media playback and recording (we had two staff running AV and recording content)
  • The main studio space features theatrical (ceiling rigged) lighting and 3 massive full-wall projectors plus in-room audio; so ensuring that the entire group could see presented materials (and presenters) was not a problem
  • We have parking on site and retail/street access - so loading equipment in and out was easy
  • We provided portable hair washing stations (on casters that can be repositioned anywhere on site) - so that demonstrations could be in the middle of the studio, with participants gathered around them to see all angles needed to learn

Presenter Perspectives

Hear from some of the event organizers and hosts who worked in our Event Studio to train artists.

Erinn De Luca

Joey Marchese

Denise Hosni

Ben Mollin

Photos from the event

Our in-house media production team was on the floor at points through the event taking photos of all the action - here are a few example shots we took:

Film stills (from footage we shot during programming

Stills straight out of camera - thanks to our pre-configured multi-camera broadcast installation in the Event Studio, our production team easily captured some great moments throughout the event.

*You can learn more about our video production services, which extend beyond capturing content at events into fully developed original video podcast series and branded entertainement.

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