How McRock Capital turned to StartWell Studios for a unique holiday music video

McRock Capital is the first investment company in Canada to focus on 'Digital Industrial' as a category.

Every year its cofounders (Scott MacDonald and Whitney Rockley) create a fun holiday music video and this year we produced it for them at StartWell at our dedicated studio for stills and motion on Niagara Street in downtown Toronto.

With costumes, multiple lighting setups and music instrument props - it was our kind of crazy fun time!


Whitney Rockley - The shoot was spectacular. I can't believe that we've actually been here for almost six hours because it feels like it's been one. So the shoot very creative, very organized, all the different scenes were scripted perfectly and we just follow that and I couldn't get over how unique each of the shots were and how you figured out the lighting and the angles in such a way that we actually didn't have to do many takes at all because we could kind of, we could kind of hit it.

Scott MacDonald - There was one part where we threw ping pong balls at Wednesday, and we didn't even plan for it. It was

Whitney Rockley Awesome to be in a space that is comfortable and creative. There's lots of room to go and put all your clothes and your accessories out on the tables you can change freely. And there's separate rooms so you can do a privately with bathroom and then you come into the space with the white wall and you just feel like you're floating.

Scott MacDonald - Wow. Just a wow factor and the quality of the equipment, the sound, the cameras, the lighting. It's unbelievable, except there's only one word for it and it's super, super, super two words, two words.

McRock 2022 Holiday Music Video

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